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Jan 14, 2009 03:59 PM

Valentine's Day WITHOUT a prefixed menu/price?

Are there any place where we can just go and order whatever we want, and pay accordingly? I've checked into Inn of the Seventh Ray, Geoffrey's and The Sunset. They are all doing a prefixed menu with a high prefixed price, and I'm getting the feeling most nice places will be doing the same thing. Anybody know of a good one that's not doing that?

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  1. usually has a list of what various restaurants are offering on Valentine's Day (same w/ Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve, etc.)

    1. according to opentable, Drago & Cafe Del Rey are both offering their regular menus...

      and did you try Jiraffe?

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        cafe del rey is NOT doing the regular menu for valentine's day. 3-course prix fixe for...$95 per person!!! this is straight from the events/reservations person at the restaurant.

        so annoyed. i was really looking forward to taking my wife there, but there is no way we're going to spend that kind of loot. there's a recession going on!!!

      2. Thrillist had a nice little list of Prix-Frix-Free V-Day options around town:

        From that list, Drago Centro and Casa looks most promising, maybe Gyenari if you don't mind smelling like Korean BBQ afterwards.


        1. Get off the beaten wife and I went to Carlito's Gardel several years ago for Vday and it was great. No rushing, no fixed menu; just great food and atmosphere,

          1. Are you searching for something on the Westside? A little tough that night depending on what you're searching for. The finer establishments all have prix fixe menus. Houston's, by 3rd Street Promenade, doesn't. I have some suggestions, and will list them, if post the area you're looking to stick close to.