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Jan 14, 2009 03:52 PM

Cremant sold; new chef takes over

I really hope they don't change the menu too much; I love the classical french bistro fare. I would hate to see it watered down with pan-European B.S. or predictable Italianate offerings.

Their intention to "warm up" the interior makes sense.

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  1. please please please keep the Pâté on the good.

    1. read the comments on this article .. one is from Matt Janke (the Matt, formerly of Matt's in the Market) .. doesn't sound like this is the sugar & spice everything's nice version that Nancy Leeson "reports" in her article.

      1. This is confusing...Leson's article that you've linked above seems to be alot different in tone/content than the comments in response to her article. I think Via Trib' is a fine place for pizza and the Fish Fry joint is also top maybe this 'MM' guy is a 'patron' of the food arts....using his $ to bankroll talented culinary practitioners????
        Maybe we should hear the truth from the Emerick's themselves on what really happened.....was this a 'takeover' or a take over on 'MM's part?

        1. We went a week ago, not knowing that the place had changed hands, and the quality of the food had declined markedly from our previous visit. The bouillabaise was great, but the steak was stringy, and the gratin was uninspired and flat. Service was slow. We left wondering what had happened.

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            And according to the website, the menu has been drastically slashed down to just a few appetizers and plats. Egad! This one really hurts. See you at Le Pichet.