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Jan 14, 2009 03:47 PM

Year-Round Ice Cream Shop in Maine!

the well-reviewed Shaker Pond Ice Cream Shop in Alfred, Maine is going where few Maine shops have dared to tread before and is staying open YEAR ROUND. Anyone tried it? Think it'll fly or will this just be their winter of rude awakening?

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  1. Morton's Ice Cream in Ellsworth is open all year and has expanded into a charming little restaurant as well. It's located just a half block off Main on School Street.

    1. Is Maple's in Portland still making ice cream, and open year round?

      How about Len Libby's candy store on route 1 in Scarborough? I've tried the ice cream, and it's dern good. But do they make it year round?

        1. We go thru Alfred quite often and have found Shaker Pond Ice Cream to always be on our place to stop list. Almost 60 varieties, made on site with new ones coming all the time you can't go wrong. Its a good, full flavored, rich ice cream. Much better than some of the watered down ones that claim to be homemade in the area. More than worth the stop if you are in that area.

          1. Stopped by Shaker Pond Ice Cream this weekend and business is booming..looks like they made it through the winter ok. Second time there and the ice cream was just as great as before. Everybody should check it out. Route 202 in Alfred,Maine