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Jan 14, 2009 03:41 PM

Best soups chicken pot pies for the cold Stamford area

which kind of soup and chilis and why? Would love if they delivered to or any other food that is good for the cold like chicken pot pies too? But must be excellent clean food.

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  1. I have asked this soup question before, too, nbermas, and I'm also still searching for yummy, comforting soups on these cold days in Stamford. I took up the suggestion of Margot's in Bull's Head plaza one day for lunch and ordered soup. It was pretty tasty. Her soups change daily I think and it's about $5. Margot's is pretty tasty for other dishes as well.

    While not in Stamford, I am a big fan of Soup Alley. They have two locations - SoNo and Wilton. They use fresh ingredients and make all the soups on premise and also offer some salads and sandwiches. It is a bit on the expensive side, however.

    My favorite soup from there is the spinach-chicken-artichoke-Gorgonzola. It's thick and delicious. I've tried their five bean chili before too which is good, as well as the potato leek and a corn chowder. YUM!

    1. Stamford soups have been pretty well covered in other threads, but one sleeper for Chicken Pot Pie is the deep dish farmhouse CPP at Long Ridge Tavern. It's the star of an otherwise undistinguished and ordinary menu.

      With a roaring fire crackling in the background, the historic tavern is the perfect setting for a piping hot old fashion chicken pot pie as the temperature plummets and the snow flies.

      You can almost hear the horses stomping in the dark winter outside the frosted window.... your sleigh awaiting.

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        Louuuuuuu: Haven't been there in a very long time, does it have dark and white meat or just white? What else is good there, what about there burgers? I haven't found a good burger yet, I want it charcoal broiled. Thanks

        1. re: nbermas

          white meat only. Good portion. Golden crusted.

          haven't tried their burgers, but don't think you'll find your elusive charcoal hamburger there. However a recent thread

          (very much on spot), extolled their hamburgers, while corroborating most of the menu is just ok.

          Try the CPP, tho. It's very comforting and satisfying, a trip back in time.

      2. I've posted this before, and it is not infallible because it depends a little bit on who's cooking, but Bradford's has a very good French Onion daily, and their Manhattan clam is excellent.

        1. Another not in STM.

          Jfood agrees that Soup Alley has very good soup but it is a serve yourself so that may turn you off. You can also sample away before purchasing.

          For chicken pot pie jfood has struggled but just remembered that Rosies in New Canaan has a CPP. If it is as good as everything else jfood has eaten there it should be outstanding. They also have a chicken Totilla Soup that M&M jfood have most weekendends after their walk with a sandwich. They were discussing this weekend and it appears it may be a vegetable stock or combo veggoe-chocken stock. Also very tasty.

          Head's up though the prices are high. Le Pain Quotidien also serves vegetarian soup each day.

          If you want the best soup, it's the onion soup at Bistro Bonne Nuit on Forest St in NC. Outstanding with a tomato tarte and you're good to go.

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            Thank you very much for all your help I will go their very soon, and let you know maybe even CPP and a burger for both of us so I can report back on both but I only like white meat chicken in my pies. I did love Long Ridge Tavern the few times I went years ago I loved the vibe then. I still want to go to le Pain Quotidien very soon, thanks again