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Jan 14, 2009 03:32 PM

Baltimore- Going Out...


A bunch of guys (my Fiance included) have 30th birthdays around the same time this year, late January to early February. They want to do a group party in Baltimore. Our one friend who unfortunately loves clubs, wants to go to the power plant, none of the rest of us do, we kind of loathe that idea, so I need good options people. Others want to go to bars in Fells Point or Canton. I think that may be a better option, but no one knows where to go.

So far they are thinking dinner at Brewer's Art.

They are normally a little cheap, but as this is a 30th they will be better, so entrees for dinner $20-30 and they will pay about anything for booze.

My question is where would you go? Is Brewers Art a good choice? Are there any good bars/lounges that are happening but a little more upscale that our club friend would enjoy? I was thinking of someplace like Ixia, in terms of atmosphere, but I can't remember their bar area being large.

If not what are the good areas that locals go out to that would be appropriate for this type of celebration that would be happening for a group of 20-30 somethings?

Thank you in advance from saving me from an awful night at the power plant...

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  1. Good call on the Power Plant - cross that off the list right now. Brewer's Art is a great start - or a great late night stop. Other considerations:

    Have dinner at Woodberry Kitchen (the space is really nice - ask for a table downstairs) - all local organic food, nice wine list, can be done for a "reasonable" cost - at least comparable to Brewer's Art. From there travel over to Hampden and have drinks at Rocket to Venus. After, hit Club One downtown to soothe your friends' ache, then close with a cocktail at Brewer's Art. If all's well, head to the Sip-N-Bite for a night cap - eggs and bacon!

    Happy Birthday to All!!

    1. For the club thing, there isn't much of a selection here in Baltimore. Red Maple on North Charles Street is decent upscale lounge on friday and saturday nights. There is also a new upscale lounge on Calvert street called Lux that is opening this weekend. Canton has a very good bar scene as well as Federal Hill.

      Woodberry Kitchen would definitely hit the spot for dinner at a reasonable cost.

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        1. They are thinking February 7, to avoid all the madness... I love Woodberry Kitchen, I was wondering if there were places to go out around there because when I went I kind of just remember feeling like I was down a dark alley in the middle of nowhere, but I probably didn't come a direct way... GPS had to renavigate a few times.

          Thanks for all the suggestions I will see what I can do. Yeah the problem is that most of use have significant others and don't really care for clubs anymore... unfortunately our club lover just isn't there yet. I am excited I keep trying to get people up to Baltimore more, I love it. I am always looking forward to some good next day brunch, DC brunch just isn't anywhere close.

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            I think Woodberry is a good choice. A nice meal, some cocktails, bottle of wine, dessert, then how about more drinks in the lounge-y environs of The Windup Space on North Avenue. Modern, hip, slightly bohemian scene (without the low brow bohemian decor), just a nice lounge to drink.

          2. Woodberry seems like a weird choice for this to me. It's very good, but not exactly fun and hip for a group of 20-30 somethings. Maybe 40-50 year olds.

            I think Brewers Art would be a good choice, because you can at least get to other places while intoxicated.

            Red Maple has surprisingly good food as well and is more upscale, probably the most club-like of the places listed. I went to a wedding reception there that was super fun - they'll work with you to put together a menu and open bar options if you just want to hang out there all night.

            On the other side of town, you could try Pazo, which late night can have sort of a club-y feel. They'll also let you reserve a table to hang out all night.

            If you want to just bar hop, Fed Hill and Fells/Canton are totally fine. You can find good places to eat first and then walk to all the bars. For a 30th birthday in Fed Hill, I'd try Corks, the new menu would fit your price range and it's close to all the bars.

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              Agree with pigtowner that Woodberry is not the right vibe for 20-30 somethings--we took my future mother-in-law there for her 69th birthday and she and my 41-year-old future sister-in-law each ran into friends. Tasty, yes, but 15 years off on the hip scale.

              I haven't been to Red Maple yet, but I think Pazo would hit the mark, followed by Brewer's Art.