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Jan 14, 2009 03:26 PM

Good Places for Beer and Food in Rochester Hills/Troy

Heading to Detroit for work next week and will be staying in Auburn Hills. Most of the week will be spent in Troy and Rochester Hills. I'm looking for anywhere that has quality taps and good food. Thanks for the help......

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  1. Decent bar food can be had at Red Ox in Auburn Hills (Walton near Oakland University) Can't speak to the beer there, though.

    Rochester Mills Beer Co, downtown Rochester, is part of a small local chain--I think there are 3 restaurants. I've not been to the Rochester location but have been happy with their beer and food at another location.

    Alibi in Troy on Rochester Road has fantastic pizza, but again can't tell you if there is anything special about the beer.

    Anything special you're looking for, such as ethnic or seafood?

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    1. re: coney with everything

      Since it will be work functions I better keep the restaurants pretty simple. Alibi sounds great. One of my co-workers that lives in Detroit mentioned a brewpub near by, so that must be Rochester Mills.

      1. re: chops

        I can't stand beer, but Rochester Mills will probably suffice for you with that. Seems like a popular watering hole, anyway. The food seems to be hit or miss, or at least it has been in the times I've been there. Last time I went, it was nice! Previous times, however, it's been good and bad.

        1. re: chops

          Alibi is pretty good. I prefer other places just outside the area you're in, but Rochester Mills is the best choice in the Rochester area.