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What do you take to hotel room for snacks? We have a fridge

We are heading out for DC for the Inauguration. We will bring our cocktail mix and a few of the "regular suspects" ie mixed nuts, Asian Mix, crackers ? We don't want to eat every meal out. We will have a refridgerator, that's it. I am thinking about hard boiled eggs (maybe packing in a double zip lock bag with pepper marinade, putting in a zip lock bag. Of course we will have the normal coffee maker too.

Any creative suggestions?

As always, your help is appreciated

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  1. How about a quiche? Single size would be best. Some charcuterie and cheese with crackers. Antipasto in a jar. Artichoke hearts in a jar. Crusty rolls or baquette to make a sandwich with charcuterie. Pieces of roasted chicken - legs, wings, thighs. Potato salad. Or even a coleslaw. You could buy most of this when you arrive - find a nice deli.

    1. good beer, good wine. get it locally.
      figure the rest out as you go.

      1. We like to bring things like dry salami, cheeses, olives/pickles, and also chocolate and oranges for a sweet treat.

        1. Some of our "must haves" - red wine, cheese (camembert, brie, stilton, gorganzola), baguettes, marinated artichokes, good dark chocolate. Might also have nuts (cashews, pistachios), crackers, pretzels, english muffins (great toasted with almost any soft cheese).

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            That's my kind of fridge! Sadly reality sets in when I realized that my hotel fridge during this year's travels mostly featured On-Cor family style meals, pizza, cold cuts and 18-packs of beer. I suppose there's a reason campaign staffers aren't typically known as svelte gastronomes.

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              I have a brother who did the campaign tour 40 years ago. He still says it was the worst food year of his life!

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                He was right! That's why I need your advise.

          2. I always bring yogurt, baby carrots, salsa, instant oatmeal packets.

            1. I make a couple of stromboli, usually ham, pepperoni, salami. roasted red peppers, and olive salad and mozzarella. I bake them, slice them in half, and wrap each half with foil, them put into a ziplock bag. Slicing one half at a time, they are a great snack and stay fresh for 3 or 4 days. You can even preslice a half and take it with you.

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                That sounds delicious. You can heat those up with an iron in your room too, just keep the foil on!

              2. yogurt,cheese,"deli marinated vegetables",cold cuts,instant coffee to boost the abysmal, weak hotel room nonesense,cream?,creamer?,sweetener?.

                1. I travel with packets of instant oatmeal and plastic spoons. You can heat water in the coffee maker. I rinse out the cup at the end, so that the housekeeping folks aren't faced with chunks of concrete-like hardened oatmeal.

                  1. I make spiced nuts - Ina garten's rosemary cashews are a fav. , We bring cheeses, sliced salumi, olives, crackers and flat breads, and some kind of dip or spread. We also always bring something sweet and simple, home made cookies, etc. Fresh fruit, some sparkling water and good coffee for the maker...

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                      OMG gardencub you just wacked me in the middle of the forehead - how could I have forgetten to include Pellegrino - if I ever forget the Pellegrino, my wife will definitely have me out hunting for it. And, I'd be searching out the local Costco, the best price anywhere for Pelle!

                    2. my list would be pretty much the same as gardencub's.

                      Make a cream cheese spread w/salsa and bring tortilla chips.
                      Make a good old fashioned lipton california dip with sour cream and wavy dip chips.
                      bring mini baby bonbel cheeses in several varietys.
                      Crackers and mini breads
                      fresh fruit ~~ I live in CA so I don't know what is in season there or available I guess I should say
                      keep it simple
                      have a WONDERFUL time

                      1. I don't bring any food when traveling, but my mom used to bring those instant noodles in a bowl that you add boiling water to.

                        1. Bananas, chips and salsa and/or hummus, oj, plantain chips, Organic Food Bars (vegan, Omega-3, and Belgian chocolate chip are the ones we eat). When traveling we usually eat breakfast in the hotel. Sometimes it's chips and salsa or GF cookies with oj and a banana.

                          1. A fresh tasting snack that I like to have on hand at hotels is grape/cherry tomatoes- no need to refrigerate. For the times I'm going to the middle of nowhere:
                            -some Triscuits
                            -a can of sardines (excess oil drained- into a plastic bag, not down the drain!- and with a squeeze of lemon)
                            -some grape tomatoes

                            is a pretty fine spread for me.

                            Extra fancy.....
                            - some marinated mozzarella +roasted peppers + baba ganoush + a good loaf of bread
                            -Mission figs + goat cheese + smoked almond
                            -going old school- Pickapeppa sauce + neufchatel + crackers
                            -thinly sliced flank steak or chicken can go into sandwiches
                            -chicken minced and seasoned with soy sauce, ginger, scallions and toasted sesame oil to get spooned into lettuce wraps

                            ENJOY yourself, and eat well!

                            1. First of all, congratulations on nabbing a hotel for the Inauguration. We we waaaay too late to that party.

                              It looks like you have some good suggestions. Are you flying or driving?

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                                OMG, you are all the best!! You have given me so many ideas, my head is swimming. Taos, I am flying, made my reservations in June. Key Bridge Marriott and FF miles. Going with my ultra conservative former sis in law. (divorced her bro, not her) We got tickets from Sen. Feinstein as we applied the minute he won. Hey, I am the quintessential optimist. What would I have done if my man didn't win? Seek psychiatric care? OK, all kidding aside, I am beside myself with the excitement of it all. There is a market a couple of blocks away evidently. We will avail ourselves of your suggestions, in addition of course to sampleing of the DC fare! Thanks so much. If you would like, I will report back.

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                                  GREAT location,you will be right on METRO.Also there is some easy good stuff near to METRO,that one and others.Tivoli restaurant has/had? a really nice deli in/at that stop(high rise over the stop).There are some fine ,tasty things using METRO west,away from the city,into town maybe undesirable as shopping choices.The rules of engagement ,getting around are changing hourly.

                              2. I'll use this post to update all on this week's hotel living in DC. This week I'm in the dreadful tiny charge for internet room at the Renaissance Marriot. I asked for and got a tiny ref. As per suggestions, I looked for but couldn't find an electric covered skillet. I took the metro to the Target at the Columbia Heights station and got a small rice cooker with steamer ($17). Can't sauté, but can steam or heat up anything. Week after the inauguration I'll be beck in my fave suite hotel.

                                1. Our staples are salami, cheese, chips, assorted marinated olives, hard-boiled eggs, some sort of chocolate treat for one of us who craves it, and beer and wine.

                                  Have fun, and good luck!

                                  1. We stayed in hotels with a fridge and microwave for a three weeks running a few months ago, and it worked well to take a lunchbox cooler packed with an iceblock, a pound of nice sandwich meat, a packet of good hotdogs, and some home-cooked chicken and boiled eggs. Plus a loaf of fresh bread and some mustard of course... It saves a lot of money to make your own sandwich for lunch or supper instead of hitting room service because you want a snack. And don't forget a home-baked treat or too (decadent brownies are our favourite).

                                    1. We often take some homemade muffins along when we travel.

                                      1. I'm a big hummus and cheese fan, so I'd probably bring a selection of cheeses and a few types of hummus along with some meats you can use with crackers to make a nice little meal. You can probably bring salad fixings as well since dressing won't be that hard to bring along.