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Jan 14, 2009 03:23 PM

What do you take to hotel room for snacks? We have a fridge

We are heading out for DC for the Inauguration. We will bring our cocktail mix and a few of the "regular suspects" ie mixed nuts, Asian Mix, crackers ? We don't want to eat every meal out. We will have a refridgerator, that's it. I am thinking about hard boiled eggs (maybe packing in a double zip lock bag with pepper marinade, putting in a zip lock bag. Of course we will have the normal coffee maker too.

Any creative suggestions?

As always, your help is appreciated

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  1. How about a quiche? Single size would be best. Some charcuterie and cheese with crackers. Antipasto in a jar. Artichoke hearts in a jar. Crusty rolls or baquette to make a sandwich with charcuterie. Pieces of roasted chicken - legs, wings, thighs. Potato salad. Or even a coleslaw. You could buy most of this when you arrive - find a nice deli.

    1. good beer, good wine. get it locally.
      figure the rest out as you go.

      1. We like to bring things like dry salami, cheeses, olives/pickles, and also chocolate and oranges for a sweet treat.

        1. Some of our "must haves" - red wine, cheese (camembert, brie, stilton, gorganzola), baguettes, marinated artichokes, good dark chocolate. Might also have nuts (cashews, pistachios), crackers, pretzels, english muffins (great toasted with almost any soft cheese).

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            That's my kind of fridge! Sadly reality sets in when I realized that my hotel fridge during this year's travels mostly featured On-Cor family style meals, pizza, cold cuts and 18-packs of beer. I suppose there's a reason campaign staffers aren't typically known as svelte gastronomes.

            1. re: JungMann

              I have a brother who did the campaign tour 40 years ago. He still says it was the worst food year of his life!

              1. re: bucksguy14

                He was right! That's why I need your advise.

          2. I always bring yogurt, baby carrots, salsa, instant oatmeal packets.