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Jan 14, 2009 03:08 PM

Do you have a fave salsa?

My fave salsas are the ones I make myself, but I'm looking for a good store-bought salsa. Whats your fave?

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  1. D.L. Jardine's--any of their fruity ones.
    I scan the food shelves at Marshall's regularly for it.
    Newman's Own varieties are tasty, too.

    1. Storebought salsas below are a tie for 1st place:

      Safeway Brand Garlic Lovers Salsa

      Herdez green Salsa.

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      1. re: jbod

        I agree about Safeway. I used to love their plain old "medium hot." Don't live in Safeway country any longer, unfortunately.

      2. Green Mountain Gringo. They make mild, medium and hot versions and a few others. We mostly buy the medium but every now and then the hot just hits the spot. We also buy their tortilla strips. Equally fresh tasting...

        1. For jarred salsa, I like the Herdez brand medium hot.

          Some Costcos carry a refrigerated brand called Garden Fresh. Really good stuff, the only problem being that it is in a Costco-sized container!

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          1. re: coney with everything

            I was going to mention the Costco salsa as well. It's extremely fresh-tasting and delicious. Coney, I don't really think the size is a problem - it's so delicious, you can't stop eating it!

          2. I like to mix Herdez and Green Mountain Gringo. I think the Herdez is a little too watery for my tastes, and the GMG a bit too thick and chunky, so the blend is perfect. But I think this is really a trial and error/personal preference sort of thing. I really dislike Newman's Own varieties, and the D.L. Jardine's that someone else prefers, so it's definitely going to be determined by what you prioritize in a salsa.

            Good luck!!