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Jan 14, 2009 03:08 PM

Sushi Near Roy Thomson Hall??

I just recently moved offices and I had to leave my favourite Sushi restaurant behind. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good sushi spot near RTO?

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  1. I used to go to Funi on Simcoe street between Adelaide and Richmond.... if they are still there I don't think you will find a closer Sushi spot...

    1. Sei Sushi is right across King from RTH -- it's good. Fune on Adelaide is also good (probably better) but it is a tad further.

        1. re: ksapd

          I third Fune on Simcoe south of Adelaide

          1. re: katana750

            How does Fune compare with other sushi notables such as Take Sushi, Omi, or Zen?

            1. re: Googs

              The post was for a location near RTH. I'd rather go to Takesushi, I'd go to Ematei for kitchen food, but sushi is better at Fune IMO. Toshi sushi is too far to walk in cold. I rarely go to Zen ( out of the way for me.I know Sei-san is very skilled from his days at Masa). I wouldn't go to New Omi, it just doesn't have a comfortable ambiance for me. I liked it better on Church.

              1. re: katana750

                Yeah, I wasn't really trying to hijack the post. The info might also be helpful to the OP if they were interested in something more than just the average sushi joint.

                Its just that its been years since I've been to Fune and seeing 3 rec's pour in for it I thought it worth asking how it compares to others. I would consider adding Fune to my repertoire if it stacks up.

                1. re: Googs

                  Fune is pretty average, imo. Then again, I don't like Take either.

        2. I work at Simcoe and Front and I go to Yuzu on Adelaide for a decent sushi fix.

          If you have the time walk up to Japango on Elizabeth Street (just south of Dundas, half way between University and Bay) it's a tiny place, so you might end up with take out, but I lived on their food for months of lunches when I worked in that area and it was always delicious.

          1. I just had an excellent dinner at Ja Bistro last Friday night.

            Opinions are widely divided on this thread:


            But we enjoyed it and it was less than 5 minutes walk from RTH.