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red with lobster?

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Any suggestions? We are houseguests in New England this weekend, and know we are having lobster - not sure how it's going to be prepared, probably grilled. All of us love reds but not sure what would be a good pairing.

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  1. have you tried having ginger slices between bites (sushi style)? We've done this at our local sushi bar, and it was wonderful. Other cleansers include fresh strawberry slices (not in season now, however)

    1. Why force something that just won't work ? Drink red before and after dinner but with the lobster, Sancerre or Champagne. Your tastebuds will thank you.

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      1. re: TonyO

        Thanks - that's why I was asking. Just wondering if there was something that might pair well - guess not!

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          Lobster, done most ways, pairs so well with other wines, that I'd suspect that you might not get a good match. Besides Tony O's wines, I'd add a Montrachet, or a Meursault to the choices, especially if there is any butter, or a sauce. If you like a "squeeze of lemon," then a SB, or the Sancerre would be a good choice. The Meursault is kind of like a hint of lemon, but with butter - in between. Champagne is always a good pairing.

          Now, many folk drink what they like, with what they have. They are less concerned with how things might pair, but only with the wines they like, with the food they are served. I am not of that school, but then I tend to drink all colors of wine, when I feel that it is appropriate.

          If I had to pick a red, I'd go with a Cru BJ, or a PN, and not too big a PN. I do use PN's with a lot of lighter white fish, but usually serve whites. If the lobster is grilled with a lot of smoke, you might look to a Grenache/Gernacha, or even a Syrah, but that would be a bit of a stretch.

          Sorry that there are just not a lot of great reds to go with lobster.


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            I'd take that PN and head northeast until it changes name to Blauburgunder (or one of its other German translations). The bright, light German take on the grape can often work where you would otherwise want a white. Then again, it may also defeat the purpose of choosing a red, as I suspect that people who don't like whites might not be so fond of them.

            But really, why not champagne? Does anyone actually dislike champagne?

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              That is also a good idea. Would be interested in tasting a GR PN with lobster, though I think I'd go for plain grilled.


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                Oh, now that I think about it, I bet it would go nicely with a mushroomy homard thermidore.

      2. Depending on the preparation, barbera works, as do light pinot nero from Trentino and frappato from Sicily.

        But champagne and burgundy are your best bets still.

        1. To me the two can't be resolved for pairing. But don't hesitate to drink whatever you like or have available.

          1. I'll usually prefer white burg with the steamed lobsters I most often eat... but when you mention reds with lobster I immediately think of the amazing spicy, peppery preparations of crab (and sometimes lobster) that is typical in Singapore... they use a lot of pepper, chillis, garlic, etc.. These preparations do very well with a the earthiness of a red Rhone.

            1. If you *HAVE* to have a red I would go with nice Cru Beaujolais. But I'd much prefer one of any number of whites, roses, or sparklers before going red.

              My favorite pairing for lobster (depending upon preperation -- but say simply prepared with melted butter) is a white Graves followed closely by a Blanc du Blancs Champagne.

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              1. re: whiner

                Graves would be beautiful. As would a lovely white Burgundy.

                The problem with a red wine is that it likely will overpower the delicate succulence of the lobster. The wine should play a supporting role to
                the lobster's flavor. I worry a red wine would overwhelm and outflank
                that flavor.

                Rosé Champagne might be very nice, and more gutsy in flavor than most expect.

                1. re: maria lorraine

                  I just don't get the relunctance to make the obvious choice (i.e. white wine). I mean this isn't even borderline like salmon or something. This "I'm a red wine drinker" stuff is really odd to me.

                  1. re: maria lorraine

                    a couple of days ago I had Ruinart Rose Champagne with grilled langousines - this was excellent indeed!

                2. I love a condrieu with my lobster!

                  1. Why go cru Beaujolais? Why not just a lighter Beaujolais village? How about a Zweigelt?