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For Two

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After doing some basic searches around the board I'm yet to find the right place.
I hope you guys could help me out.

I'm looking for an intimate/private restaurant (if they serve alcohol that would be a plus).
The criteria:
-In the city (therefore, "Zenkichi" is out of the question)
-Must be intimate/private (this means, isolated from the rest of the crowd/people. Therefore, a total enclosed space/room would be ideal)
-Price does not matter
-Would prefer if is not Asian cuisine.
-For two people (so a huge party room while isolate/enclosed isn't exactly the best idea)

Lets see you restaurant goers tackle this one.


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  1. The first place that came to mind is Bouley...very intimate and calm. I believe the new space has private dining nooks. Tables are far enough apart from eachother and the service is beyond compare.


    1. Philip Marie has a private room for two in the wine cellar.
      569 Hudson @ West 11th

      1. I believe Artisinal has a private dining room in the cheese cave that might work.

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          The cheese cave is the room but it's really more of just a nook and it's pretty much open to the main room. It's a neat place to be seated but not in the least romantic or secluded and wait staff comes and goes as cheese is needed to be taken from the cave.

          Picholine has a wine room somewhat removed but it's normally intended for 4 to 8 diners but hey, if money isn't a consideration maybe they'll work with you. Food at Picholine is also spectacular.

        2. Jean Georges has a little nook in the main idining hall thats sits two people.

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            There are actually two nooks with tables for two, one on each side of the dining room.

          2. Thanks for the suggestion guys.
            While I will try and check them out it seems most of them are very "upscale" restaurants.
            I don't mean regarding the price (as I don't care about that). They just look like the type of places you need to come in well dress and not casual.

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              Philip Marie, suggested upthread, fits your privacy needs and is a casual place; therefore, no need to "dress up." The problem, in my view, is that the food is only so-so. But if that doesn't matter to you....