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Jan 14, 2009 01:23 PM

Five Guys Burgers (Los Angeles) - New locations Planned?

Currently the Southern California market has locations in Cerritos and Carson. Does anyone know if there are any plans to open locations closer to Los Angeles proper (e.g. near downtown LA, the San Fernando Valley, or Santa Monica)?

Any info on this subject would be most appreciated.

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  1. My brother and father talk about this place constantly (they're in Jersey). They tell me it's worth a drive to grab a burger from them, but frankly I've got an In n Out about a mile from my house. With gas starting to creep back up, I think I'll wait till there's one closer.

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      i'm from the east coast originally, and since coming here i've always thought the comparison between 5 guys and in-n-out was unfair (to both places). they are different animals. i happen to like them both and would never eat at one place over the other exclusively. i think that in terms of type of burger and price points i would compare 5 Guys more to Fatburger, and i would most definitely eat at 5 Guys to the exclusion of Fatburger. But basically I think you are correct to wait for a location near you before giving it a try to find out if your dad and brother are on to something... only if your regular travels takes you down to Cerritos or Carson would i suggest swinging by to give them a try.

    2. Go check their website, I think it lists future locations.

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        i looked on the website but it didn't seem clear if they had any info on upcoming franchise openings. maybe i'll give it another look...

        1. re: HerbyN

          Following up on my original post... i know that there is now a cerritos location in addition to the one in carson.... but anyone know if there plans to have an LA location in the 323 or 818 area codes?

          1. re: HerbyN

            Ah, 5 Guys. Heard it was great from someone back East. Have tried the Carson "branch" a number of times. Don't read further if you think In&Out has a great burger.

            The meat is great. The fires are excellent. The buns are terrible. I talked to one of the principals on the first visit and told him I thought the buns were lacking. They do grill them but they are still soggy and tasteless. Even after asking them not to wrap the burger in the foil, the bun was still not on the same level with the meat. My friend tells me their press cites them as having great buns. No. A great bun is the bun at 25 Degrees. Still, their fries are almost worth a trip.

            1. re: mopeyboy

              I concur regarding their buns; insubstantial. Price point-wise I would compare them more to Fatburger. I personally prefer FB over the 5G in Carson. If I'm ever back east, I would have to try a 5G.

        1. re: PeterL

          No, it's not. It's a fat patty/restaurant style burger, nothing near In n Out.

        2. Five Guys is awesome! Far better than In N'Out. We discovered it on a layover in Dulles Airport. Then we arrived in our destination and found one in Kitty Hawk NC. We went twice. On arriving back in Southern California, we went to the one in Carson and it was great. The burgers & fries rock. I will give them major props for consistence. Every burger I've had, whether it was at 6:30am at an airport or the middle of the day in North Carolina or California, was exectly the same. Which was spectacular. After all the talk of Five Guys, I think I know where I'm going for lunch. Please if someone is looking to make alot of money, start franchising Five Guys in the Valley!

          1. There is a Five Guys in the Valencia Mall and another one coming to Northridge in the same lot as Costco on Tampa. Great , liked it better than In n Out . Great choice in fixins and great cajun french frries/