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Jan 14, 2009 12:44 PM

Epic Burger?

Has anyone had the burger at Epic Roasthouse?

Just caught this on Tablehopper:

One bright side to this messy economy: if you have any money, it’s a good time to score some tasty and cheap vittles. Yes, even at ~EPIC~. The restaurant is offering a $20 Burger, Beer, and Brownie prix-fixe lunch in the upstairs Quiver Bar, which is available Monday through Friday from 11:30am–5pm. The burger is half a pound and ground daily, with your choice of a 12 oz. Anchor Steam or Trumer Pils draft beer, and yes, a house-made brownie.

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  1. Tried the burger at Epic today. The $20 burger-beer-brownie special is only available in the bar, but since it was so nice out we opted to sit outside. The burger is still $20 just no beer and brownie. Ordered mine med-rare with with Gruyere. It came out with their a 2nd plate full of accoutrement with aioli, whole grain mustard, sauteed shrooms, bacon bits and chili-tomato ketchup. There was also some baby romaine, pickle, and grilled red onion on the plate.

    Served on a nice brioche bun, my burger seemed a bit overcooked (more medium than medium-rare), but not enough for me to send back. It was definitely a tasty burger. I enjoyed it especially sitting out in the sun on the Embarcadero on a beautiful day like today. However, NOPA still remains my favorite burger. And I think Magnolia Pub is my 2nd favorite burger. Really want to try the burger at Spruce soon. And I've heard Street has a good one.

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      I just tried the Spruce burger this past Sunday. It was the best burger I've had in the city, hands down - maybe even the best burger I've ever had, period (and I'm from LA, where there are a lot of great burgers).

      Everything about it was top notch: high-quality-tasting meat (not sure the source, or whether it was dry-aged), juicy med-rare as requested; housemade bun (soft, buttery, and a teeny bit sweet - prob brioche as well); and what appeared to be housemade accoutrements: pickes and picked onions (kind of like the zuni ones), and a really tasty remoulade sauce, plus excellent grainy mustard on request (even the non-special-request mustard was good and spicy). I will say it is incredibly rich - I was full the entire next day. Also, the fries are not as delicious as I want them to be: I think they fry in rice bran oil, which makes them nice and crispy, but they seem short on flavor (though that did not stop me from eating a whole order with an extra side of remoulade).

      I live up the street from Street and have had their burger many times. It's serviceable - not remarkable in any way, especially compared to Spruce. The quality is nowhere near the same. Plus their fries are always underdone and the condiments run-of-the-mill.

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        3640 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94118

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          I read that it's served on a house made English muffin. Was that not what yours was on? Also read that the fries are fried in duck fat which I thought would make them pretty tasy. And I'm pretty sure they use Niman Ranch beef which they grind in-house.

      2. Having had the Epic burger five times now, I can safely report that it is always good but rarely great. I would stick to ordering it rare. While it won't always wow you, the distinct tang of real dry-aging is readily apparent in the patty. This alone justifies the $20 price tag, in my view. The fresh cross-cut potato chips it is served with are nice but some regular fries would be better. Alas, the rest of the menu stops at steak fries, so you won't be able to get a real burger and fries fix here. My only other complaint about this burger is the cartoonishly thick size of the grilled onions and tomatoes that accompany it. These tend to be so large that one is tempted to eat them separately, salad-like, rather than going through the hassle of slicing them laterally for inclusion on the burger.

        Thanks for posting about the burger, beer, and brownie special. That is a deal I don't intend to pass up.

        Epic Roasthouse
        369 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94105

        1. Never tried Epic's burger, I will say that Zuni's burger is amazing. I get it with the gorgonzola and carmelized onion. I always order it rare.

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            What do you think of the bread the serve the Zuni burger on? I heard it can be overwhelming.

            1. re: brian j

              it's a nice focaccia bun. pretty tasty. in no way obtrusive.

              1. re: brian j

                Never intruded for me. Simple foccacia, lightly toasted. I've used the ones they sell at TJ's to make it at home, not as good but an approximation.