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Jan 14, 2009 12:16 PM

looking for esarn/isaan northern thai/lao food

anyone knowledgeable about thai food know where to get good northern thai?

som tam, bbq pork, chicken wings, nam tok etc?
i'm guessing center city thai will suck but there might be places in the burbs or perhaps down on washingtown...

in my 4 months here, i've found good, korean (ne philly on 5th ave) good vietnamese (again in ne philly on adams) good indo (south philly) but the japanese is dismal and thai i want to give a shot....

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  1. Hmm. Might be something at Assi Market or their food court. We are gathering there next month so might be something to report then or you are welcome to come, we chowhounds are going to order different things and share. I've heard really good things about some of the food there.

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      unfortunately i'm leaving philly in 2 .5 weeks. is assi the korean supermarket chain?

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        Yes modernist, and there are two Japanese restaurants in the food court.

    2. there is a restaurant on 11th street called cafe de laos that serves thai and laotian food. the thai side focuses a lot on seafood, but they have some of what you are looking for. the food is pretty good there too:


      1. You might want to give Vientienne in West Philly a shot. I think they're a little more central Lao than northern, but from what I remember, it seemed rather authentic (I've been to Laos). I haven't been in a while though, so I can't comment on it currently.