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Jan 14, 2009 11:14 AM

Kitchen remodel - need appliance help!

We are remodeling our kitchen and I find appliance shopping confusing. I am looking at a side by side refrigerator/freezer. Considering the Kitchen Aid Architect II or GE Monogram. We are looking at either a 36 inch counter depth or 42 inch built in. It seems that the 42 inch built in is double the price for only 1 cubic inch more.
For wall ovens, looking at the Electrolux Icon 30 inch convection as I like the glide out racks.
Anyone have any experience with these and can make recommendations?
Also, has anyone used the GE friends and family discount (which we have) and can recommend GE Mongoram refrigerator and 5 burner cooktop?
Thanks so much!

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  1. I am quite fond of a Samsung manual defrost refrigerator that I purchased in Jan of 2007. Manual defrost refrigators are a lot cheaper to run. Mine has a freezer on the bottom and everything is in closed drawers so that the cold air does not drop out as soon as the door is open. The directions call for it to be defrosted when the frost is 1/4 inch thick....well is still not even a minor coating. Where as my six year old Kitchen Aid dish washer has given me nothing but trouble. Try to find out before any major purchases who is really making the product. Hobart is no longer a maker of Kitchen Aid. The world is spinning very fast and we must be careful and not rely on assumed reputions they do not carry the same meaning they once did.

    1. I am doing my research and like the features from the following. Anyone have any experience with these?
      36 inch Kitchen Aid side by side, counter depth refrigerator/freezer;
      Electrolux icon 30 inch dual wall ovens;
      36 inch GE Monogram gas cooktop, and
      Sharp microwave drawer?

      I am narrowing down my choices and I like the different features on each of these but I haven't bought appliances in 15 years so would appreciate any advice. Also looking at:

      GE Monogram 36" counter depth side by side or GE Monogram 42" side by side built in refrigerator. I have access to GE Family and Friends discount but so far only seeing a 10-20% discount. Is that typical for those of you who have used them??

      Any help would be appreciated!

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        I'm going through my remodel right now. The walls have been made, and the floors are being installed rght now. I did a lot of research on appliances, and wound up with the Icon double oven- think I wound up witht the "pro" model.

        I narrowed my gas cooktop search down to the 36 regular elolux (not the Icon,) and the Ge Monogram 36. Wanna know which one I picked?

        The new 36" Kitchenaid with the scratch resistant surface.

        Since I'm going w/ stainless steel, I performed my own in store scratch test for the cooktops. I started wondering if stainless was a good choice since I kept seeing scratces all over the cooktops in the appliance outlets. So, one of my appliance stores had The Ge monogram, the reg elolux, and the new kitchenaid on display. The monogram and elolux, and virtually any others all scratched so easily it was almost funny. The kitchenaid? I COULDN'T scratch it - as hard as I tried. Case closed. The choice was easy. They are all the same thing - just a bunch of tubes that carry gas. So, I just chose the best looking ones out of that, and then since the kitchenaid won't look like a scratching post after normal use, well, the choice was simple.

        Can't really add anything for the fridge or the microwave drawer. I grew up in a side by side fridge home, and I honestly have no idea why anyone would want one. I'm a fridge on top, freezer on bottom type of person. I feel no need to bend over for everyday fridge items, and unless you have another fridge, you won't be able to get much of anything over the size of a small pizza box in it. That's another reason why I'm getting the double wall oven, and not a range - I'm done bending over because I simply do not need to anymore.

        BTW, if the Elolux cooktops had the same scratch resistant deal that the Kitchenaid had, it would be no contest. I really like how those look, and they have the same kinda features, although I think the KA had a little bit of a greater btu range.

        Another quick note about counter depth - you may NEED to get it because of your cabinet layout, but all cabinet makers make fridge side panels that will fit regular depth fridges.If you do not NEED to get a counter depth fridge, and can just simply put panels on it, I really can't think of any reason to buy one. more $ for less fridge.

        Good Luck. You might also wanna check out the gardenweb appliance forum. Lots of info on there.

      2. Hi!

        I don't have any experience with the appliances that you're looking at, but I just wanted to bring up something I learned when we re-did our kitchen about 2 years ago.

        The counter-depth refrigerators are really cool and we have one. But, it's pretty tough to fit a large size pizza box in there. I can manage by placing the box on something else in such a way that it fits between the shelves on the door, but it's a very tight fit. I know that I could just move the pizza out of the box and put it in some container that fits in the refrigerator better, but cold pizza just tastes better to me out of the box the next morning for breakfast!

        So, you might want to check on the counter depth refrigerator you're looking at to see if there are any issues like that. Just a thought!

        Have fun with the remodel!


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          Agreed that counterdepth refrigerators really are confining, compared to full depth ones. We used to have a GE full-depth side-by-side, but after about 16 years, it needed to be replaced. Because we had custom cabinetry surrounding that fridge, including overhead cabinets above, we were very much constrained as to the exterior dimensions of the replacement refrigerator. It ends up that in the 16 years since the kitchen remodel, virtually all refrigerators had increased in height by about 2-5 inches. As a result, unless we wanted to redo the cabinetry surrounding the fridge (which we didn't), we had very few options. We ended up buying a Kenmore Elite counterdepth fridge, and it is has performed fine in the 3 years since we installed it. While we can manage with the smaller interior space, it is definitely a noticeable step down in capacity.

        2. The original comment has been removed