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Jan 14, 2009 11:02 AM

Non-oaked red wine

Hi all
I can only drink red wines (which I love) during the winter (after the first frost and up until the pollen starts going nuts). I'm extremely allergic to oak pollen, and the other night (seriously, it's taken me like 20 years to think of this) it finally dawned on me - red wines are usually aged in oak. Duh!

I'm wondering if there are any non-oaked reds (a Google search yielded only whites, which I can drink year round), and if it might make a difference... I managed to find a biodynamic red (I'm in MA, and consumers here are not allowed to order wine online - yet. A recent court ruling might change that, hopefully) and it did seem to be a tad better.

So my question to you all is: are there any reds aged in steel?

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  1. Nouveau Beaujolais and a lot of the more budget-friendly wines from S. America seem to be (I haven't looked it up recently, but I believe this is the case).

    If your local store has a listing of their wines, ask for it and look up the companies online.

    1. look into Barbera-a medium bodied Italian varietal. as often as not it is unoaked and it also is not very tannic so should minimize related allergic reactions.

      should be broadly available in MA and not too expensive

      good luck

      1. Don't limit yourself to stainless steel. A lot of wines are made in big clay vessels.
        Go to a good local wine store, explain your problem and see what they can recommend.
        For starters.
        Bodegas Tintoralba SCL Higueruela Grenache, Almansa
        Tasty wine and inexpensive.

        I've heard Di Majo Norante sangiovese is not made in oak, but I can't confirm it.

        Almansenas "La Huella de Adaras" is an Eric Solomon import, so it's widely distributed. I've never had it but it sounds interesting:

        1. I believe the basic Borsao Campo de Borja wine is unoaked. Also Los Roca Garnacha, Vega del Roya Rioja, Domaine de Gabelas St. Chinian, Boroli Dolcetto d'Alba. That's all that come to mind right now.

          1. 2005 Massa, “Mattei", Barbera is a good example.