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Jan 14, 2009 10:43 AM

Frank at the AGO - anyone been for dinner?

I think the other threads have covered brunch and lunch but other than Joanne Kates (who wasn't too impressed), has anyone been for dinner? Thoughts?

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  1. I was at Frank earlier this week for dinner and I enjoyed it. The ambience was so-so, but I thought the food was good, although a bit on the cold side.

    As a starter, I had the potato, squash and cheddar perogies ($12) which had a smattering of bread crumbs and a piece of fried sage. I thought it married authentic pierogi with an interesting filling. It was subtle flavour from the filling. Mine was actually more on the cold side, rather than hot (not sure if it was intentional because I would have preferred it to be hot). With a serving of 3, it was a perfect starter size. Others at my table had the Îles de la Madeleine bay scallops, which they enjoyed, but I didn't try them.

    For my entree, I had the coq au vin ($23). I thought it was quite good, the meat was tender, almost falling off the bone and the wine wasn't over-powering (again more on the subtle side).

    As a side, the house-cut fries ($5) were cold. Not impressed. The apple pear ketchup was good, though.

    For dessert, I can't remember what it was called (no longer on their online dessert menu) but it was an interesting spin on mille feuilles, however it was filled with apples and crepes as the mille levels. Served with ice cream. Again, more on the warm-cold side. Wonderful concept though.

    In summary, I think the main issue I had was with the temperature of the food... many times it was cold/nearly warm when it would have been better to be hot. The entree was perfect though.

    1. I did the prix-fixe menu there on Valentines Day... prob not my smartest move to begin with! I was not impressed at all. We were sat in the back at a table that was lit with what felt like an interrogation light directly on us... we moved as we felt like we were on display at the gallery! I will return for brunch and for a non Prix-fixe menu and hope it plays out better!

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        i went on v-day aswell had they same menu i thought it was actually quite impressive im sorry you didn't have the same experiance as me

      2. I tried Frank a couple months ago and found it very average for this price range.

        To start off service was mediocre at best. Definitely no fluidity to it. Time between dishes had no rhyme or reason to it (long wait for starters, mains showed up before we finished starters and then long wait for desserts).

        Wine list is dedicated to wines from Ontario.

        The best part of the meal was the Jerusalem Artichoke Soup (my starter), it was extremely well balanced and as it was a cold night, very satisfying.

        The special that night was an elk chop. I am a sucker for elk and order it ever chance I get. This was below average. It was slightly over cooked from the rare I requested and lacked seasoning. The demi-glace served with it was also under seasoned. The vegetables were so forgettable I don't recall what they all were, I recall some heirloom beets and turnips, competent but nothing to write about. At a price point of $35-$40 I expected better.

        For dessert I had a lemon tart, it was fine, a little on the acidic side (even for a lemon tart) which I enjoyed, but my fellow diners who sampled it did not.

        All and all, it did nothing to separate itself from the numerous restaurants in Toronto in its price range, and would be in the lower half of the middle of the pack on my list.