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Jan 14, 2009 10:29 AM

I-65 South

Anyone know of good, casual, interesting lunch places between Louisville KY and Decatur AL. Kinda Diner, Drive-inns and Dives type.

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  1. check out this link from Southern Living:

    (there's a decent and silly restaurant near the wigwams we stopped at, I don't recall the name, but they cook both standard fare and "if you shoot it, we'll cook it")

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      1. re: eileenj115

        I am so sorry--we drove from SF->NY via LA, and we passed at least 2 sets of wigwams en route. I thought that one was in Bessemer, AL, off of I-65 (completely abandoned), but from what I've just looked up, it appears that the Bessemer (near Birmingham) location is noted everywhere I've looked as simply "gone".

        Have you tried a search on I-65 BBQ? This list looked interesting: