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Jan 14, 2009 10:12 AM

Help..Looking for Chef Alexis Hernandez N.J.

Hello fellow Chow Hounders, just wonder if anyone has a way to contact Chef Alexis Hernandez. He is originally from Union City NJ. He does extremely private parties for guests and travels around a lot and I was one of the guests invited to a party where he cooked, three years ago in Atlanta. I am looking for him to cater a party for me but know one from that party knows where he is. He has some sort of Camp Creek Farm in Indiana but I can't find it in any directory. The guy who threw the party said Chef Alexis was offended by an offhanded racist/black comment by one of the guests. When Alexis confronted the guest and the guest refused to apologize, Alexis refused to allow him to be served any more of his food. The host of the party told Alexis he could not do that and Alexis threw out all the remaining food that was in the kitchen and ripped the check for Alexis payment for his work and literally left and would not return any phone calls to the host and then must of changed his number. I have been wanting to find him because its the food he made that took me on a culinary journey and I have not been able to forget the Olive Oil Poached Halibut with coconut and star anise, Beet Ice Cream, . I thought that maybe someone on Chow, since you all appreciate food, that maybe you may have heard of his where abouts. I know its a long shot but its worth a try if I can get him to cook for a party I want to throw.

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  1. Rather than trying to track down someone who seems so elusive, you might want to Google the term "Olive Oil Poached Halibut with coconut and star anise" in addition to the actual recipe, it will bring up names restaurants where you can go and order this dish and a personal chef or two. Might be a little less of a "wild goose chase".

    1. Google says there's an Alexis Hernandez who, as of last spring, was the chef at the Peruvian embassy in Washington. Watch this video and see if he's your guy:

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        Hi Mcgeary,

        Thanks for taking time out to actually respond. Yes I have seen this video and this is not him...bummer Thanks though for you effort and time in responding. Hope you are having a great Jan!

      2. Hi,

        Just wondering if you were able to find Alexis Hernandez, I am from his home town and I have not heard from him in almost 17 years.
        Please, let me know,

        1. Could this be him? There's a small photo at this link:

          Alexis Hernandez
          Louisville Food Examiner | Bio

          Cuban American Chef Alexis is a freelance writer and is currently researching information on food science for the home cook.

          He can be contacted at