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Jan 14, 2009 09:52 AM

Detroit Dinner plans on Saturday

My husband and I are going to see a show at the Filmore-Detroit (State Theatre) this Saturday. We are looking forward to time and a meal without the kids around. However we still need to watch our budget. We usually end up in Greektown because we aren't as familiar with other restaurants in the area. I love Greek food, but I want to try something new or at least more grown up. No more than $20 per entree...Any ideas?

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  1. There are several other posters who can give you a lot of good ideas, but a good, relatively inexpensive place I've been to that's nearby is the Detroit Beer Co. on Broadway. Solid food and my friend had a fish in basil sauce there that I was really impressed with. I also had a fried twinkie there for dessert that was fun.

    1. Sorry, the only place I ever go when I'm down there for the hockey games is to Fishbone's (cajun, seafood, pasta). It's always good food, even has a great sushi menu now, but mostly we go because my dad likes it so much.

      1. Try Vicente's, a Cuban restaurant on Library St. Fun "date" place, with good stews and things that hit the spot in weather like this. On a weekend get a reservation or go early. Can take People Mover a few stops to Grand Circus if you don't want to walk it. Entrees are around $20, but there are quite a few that are less.

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          Thanks to all replies above. We have been to Fishbone's which is good. We have also been to the Detroit Beer Co....actually our last "adult" out night was at the Royal Oak Brewery we kind of want to do something else.... I guess we am more familiar with downtown restaurants than I thought. I have been thinking o tryingf Vicente's though. My husband was looking into Roma Cafe, which is in Eastern Market so it would mean driving there than driving to the Filmore. It looks cute, but with the bad weather we were hoping to lessen the amount of driving (and parking).

          Roma Cafe
          3401 Riopelle St, Detroit, MI 48207

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            Roma Cafe has valet parking, so that can lessen the parking problem. I can't recommend Roma enough. Fresh pasta, fresh sauces, expertly prepared dishes. Order a doppio and you'll command instant respect.

            1. re: charlesbois

              I think they have shuttles, too . . .

              1. re: Jim M

                roma is my favorite italian place in the city. get the roma salad (aand ask for anchovies).

                they do run shuttles for wings, tigers, and some theater, but i am not sure if they shuttle to concerets at the filmore.

                1. re: xman887

                  I remember there's a big list by the door . . . call 'em!