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Jan 14, 2009 09:33 AM

Any good breakfast places near St. Xavier University?

I will be at the University on Saturday and was looking for a good place to eat breakfast. A fairly healthy breakfast preferably! Any ideas?

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  1. Are you looking for places near the main campus in Chicago (3700 West 103rd Street) or the campus in Orland Park (18230 Orland Parkway)?

    I've usually had very good breakfasts at various locations of the Original Pancake House. It's better than other pancake houses; in particular, their baked, cinnamony apple pancake is spectacular. For something not quite so decadent, their Dutch Baby uses the same batter but without the apples and cinnamon. Their omelets are also excellent. They have one location near the Chicago campus of SXU at 10437 South Western Avenue in Chicago (from campus, go 1.5 miles east on 103rd Street and turn right), and another near the Orland Park campus at 15256 S. LaGrange Road in Orland Park (go 3.5 miles north on LaGrange Road).

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      Thanks. I am looking for something near the main campus. Have you ever heard of Bialy's Cafe or Niko's Breakfast Club?

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        I'm not sure how healthy it is...but the food is so good. I would check out St. Rests Country Kitchen on 727 E. 87th St...or the Original House of Pancakes which does have healthy options to their menu...and they are really good. The address is 10437 South Western Ave. It may be closer to the campus too.

    2. Breakfast club on 111th