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Jan 14, 2009 09:16 AM

Newport Restaurant Week 1/18-22

I didn't see a thread for this, so I'll go ahead and post a new one, and then run to make reservations...

Last year, we enjoyed three different meals at some excellent restaurants we would not normally frequent because we'd only be able to order fries. Or water. This year, I'm planning on hitting Sage for lunch ($15!!! for 3 courses!) and the Ritz for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Any other suggestions? Menus posted here:

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  1. I was thinking Sage and Ritz too! I went to Sam & Harry's 2 years ago (tried to go to Ritz without reservations and faced a 1 hour wait), and while they don't publish their menu the lunch was great! Tommy Bahama, Pascal's and Muldoon's are also on the short list.

    I wanted to try Crow Bar since I haven't been, but their special doesn't seem like a good value compared to their regular prices.

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    1. re: kingkong5

      Hi kingkong5,

      You've never been to Muldoon's yet? I figured that you, as a long-time OC Hound would've ended up trying that place out by now. :) Great for some drinks before or after a movie at the Big Newport cinema. :)

      1. re: exilekiss

        Haha, of course I've been to Muldoon's, but not for the lunch special. Growing up in Irvine, I remember when Big Newport was the biggest baddest cinema around. I waited 3 hours in line to see the Batman premiere (the one with Michael Keaton).

        Pascal's is lovely, but the prices keep me from being a regular. And despite the rave reviews, I haven't been to Crow Bar yet, but the pictures I've seen make it look gorgeous.

        And Rockin' Baja, although not an especially houndworthy destination, is giving such a value for the Newport Restaurant Week promotion, it might be worth checking out. It's nothing like actually going to Rosarito, but it's maybe 5% like it. And 5% like it is better than 0%.

    2. I've also wanted to try Blue Coral. What's the consensus on that one?

      1. I did the Cannery for lunch and although the entree was just ok, the crab cake appetizer was pretty darn tasty. I made a reservation for French 75 for lunch and Oysters for dinner. I'm looking forward to Oysters!

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          I did those 2 last year. French 75 for lunch was wonderful. I liked the appetizers from Oysters (I forget exactly what they were - one was an ahi spring roll type thing) but the entrees were good but forgettable. It was really crowded at Oysters.

          I'm so glad our anniversary falls right around this thing each year :)

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            Yes, kill 2 birds with 1 stone, thanks for the heads up. When I was trying to look up Newport Beach Dining week, I stumbled upon another restaurant week, but for all of OC happening in February: http://www.orangecountyrestaurantweek... - 2/22-2/28.

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              I saw that too - I wonder if it's the first year they're doing the county-wide one?

              We went to Tommy Bahama's for dinner on Sunday with 3 kids. Food and service were wonderful, though I didn't realize the "filet medallions" on the kids' menu cost $15.

              I was underwhelmed by Sage, maybe my expectations were just too high. I had the spring roll, salmon and the bread pudding. Thought the salmon was very nicely done. Server was not that great. Got a few pointed stares at my daughter (who was well-behaved but whose squeaky shoes squeaked to and from the table) and my baby. Geez people, we're not at church! Anyway, note to self to stick with the kid-friendly places if we have the little ones with us.

              I think we're done with restaurant week though - I've had just enough rich desserts to ruin my new year's diet resolve!!

        2. I love the Cannery and Blue Water Grill is good too.

          Blue Coral is pretty good. I love there Crab Cakes and the Oyster Rockefeller.

          1. I really would like to go, but I looked at the menus, and none of the best stuff is on there. I'd rather go and pay full pop for the good stuff, rather than have them put a mediocre special menu together. I will probably look them over some more, and maybe find 1 or 2 I will hit up.