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Jan 14, 2009 09:12 AM

Asian Legend (Yonge & Finch)

I have never been to AL before, have read good things about it for the most part.

I am going to pick up some dishes tonight to head over to my grandmothers with.

If you kind folk could recommend 3-4 of your fav dishes there, that would be much appreciated!

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  1. Sorry, Sadistick, this reply may be coming to you too late.

    I am a fan of Asian Legend; however, I find that there are differences at each location. I find the AL on Finch and Leslie, the one on Brimley and Shepperd and the Dundas (Chinatown) locations the best. There is just something remarkably different (in a negative way) with all the other AL locations.

    A lot of the "dim sum"-type dishes are good. The steamed pork soup-filled dumplings, pan friend dumplings, etc. are all very popular; however, not great when taking out. They are probably best eaten fresh at the restaurant.

    My personal favourite 3 dishes are:
    1) Pan-fried pork buns
    2) Mu-shu pork (pork and stirfry veggies wrapped in a crepe)
    3) Pan-fried green beans (this would be ok to take-out!)

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      Better late then never!

      I went out on a limb last night and ordered based on a bit of research and what I wanted to try -

      We got:

      Hot & Sour Soup - Was neither hot nor sour, had nice flavour and lots of stuff in it, but doesnt even come close to my top 10.
      Pan fried Green Onion & Beef roll - Very tasty - I bet would be even better eaten at the AL!
      Mu Shu Pork - very tasty as well, nicely prepared with those enoki mushrooms!
      General Tao Chicken - Was ok flavour wise, but lost a lot in transport
      Snow pea tips in garlic - really well done, even handled transport like a champ!

      I would go back, given that its so close and reasonably priced, but just be more selective with my choices!