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Jan 14, 2009 08:59 AM

MSP: Best Food & Drinks Happy Hour in Town?

I'd love opinions! Specifically, places that go beyond 6:00 would be great. We are appetizer people and later-running happy hour food and drink specials really hit the spot. Right now one of the best I know of is at The Independent - their $5 martinis, 2-for-1cocktails, and discounted wine and beer happy hour runs until 9:00 on Wednesdays and includes selected appetziers @ $5 each. Figlio is good, too, with $2 wine, beer, and some apps from noon-5 Saturday and all day Sunday. Any others out there?! Thanks for sharing!

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  1. It really depends on the day of the week you're planning to schedule the HH because a lot of bars have different specials on different days. I've had successful HHs at Imperial Room, Figlio, Independent, McCormick & Schmick's. If it's not a huge group of people, Aura in Calhoun Square has an amazing HH and great food, but a really small space. I usually check out the Thrifty Hipster website for suggestions, then check the restaurant website or call to confirm that the info is accurate and they can accommodate a group of whatever size.

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      I too enjoy the Independent for HH - I honestly do not go to Figlio's anymore because it gets way too crowded--(esp on Thursdays) - I heard they switched from $2-$3 hh? I guess everyone is hurting!! :)

      Blue Door Pub in St Paul - as long as you don't mind super fancy fare-discounts on good craft beer, wine and $2 tots or fries (cajun style -just ask)

      Saji-Ya - in the lounge area - not amazing but good enough - discounts on well drinks ($3), $5 house wine pours, $3 sake pours and $3-5 california/spicy tuna/gyoza.

      Also-Barbette's in Uptown - good vibe, friendly, prompt service and good eats! Amore Victoria is not bad either.

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        Saji Ya, I hadn't heard of their HH. Thanks!

    2. Are you looking for options specifically in Uptown (since the two you mention are there)?

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        Not neessarily but I have always lived on the west side of Mpls so that is really my experience. I have friends through the TC though and we all love to meet after work! Thanks for any suggestions.

      2. Origami downtown Mpls--great deals on sushi.

        1. Koy Sushi downtown has a really great happy hour. Last time I was there I practically had to be rolled out I was so stuffed. The drink specials are great, too.