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Jan 14, 2009 08:33 AM

Pre-Inaug dinner, Inaug lunch

My fun loving foodie friend and I are flying down from NYC to witness history! We're flying in Monday 19th, flying back Tuesday, 20th at 7:30pm. However, neither of us is terribly familiar with the area.

Can we impose on our DC Chowhounds? Monday night dinner: we're staying with friends in Arlington, but are happy to travel via metro / taxi for excellent food (any cuisine), a good wine list, in an area we can hop to live music after dinner. We're staying out as late as our eyelids will stay open. Hoping not to exceed $100/pp and to avoid getting mangled by college crowds.

A boozy casual lunch after the swearing-in? We know there's a two mile pedestrian perimeter surrounding the Capitol. Any suggestions within that boundary or walking distance of a nearby subway station?

Many thanks!
Cristina and Celestial

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  1. At this point, if I were you, I'd search Open Table and tell us what your options are. There probably won't be many choices left, and we can help you narrow them down.

    1. I am not sure on the live music, but Liberty Tavern has reservations and Sette Bello might, as well. They are in Arlington and have good food, so does Eleventh Street Lounge, but they don't take reservations. You could then see if Clarendon Ballroom or Whitlow's on Wilson have live music they do many nights, but as it is a Monday night I don't know... They all have pretty good wine lists, Tallula probably has the best.

      That would be a good Arlington option. The Vermont pizza at Liberty tavern is really good, the entrees are big and offer good value. Tallula is good too, but it is a little bit of a walk to the ballroom or Whitlows.

      In DC you might try the U st. area, as it is known for music. Marvin, Coppi's, Creme, St. Ex all good.

      Boozy lunch- wherever you can get in...

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        for dinner, I second Tallula. Or enjoy the excellent shareable plates in the adjoining Eat Bar which was dozens of wine on those pouring systems (I call them wine drafts)

      2. Are you flying out of DCA? If so, good luck, as it might be very difficult to get a taxi or metro out between the winding down of the festivities and your 7:30 flight. (Beware, too, that some metro stops will be completely closed, so please plan for that so you have a way out. www. will give you all the information.) If the metro is running, you might be better off taking the yellow line to King Street in Old Town Alexandria, where there are tons of options, and them taking the metro back toward DCA. If you're flying out of Dulles or BWI I can't be of much help, except to say leave LOTS of time.


          Just fyi.
          But getting closer to the airport seems like a good idea. Open Table is listing inauguration specials.....