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Jan 14, 2009 08:31 AM

Mort's Deli ?

How is the food at Mort's Deli its been about 20 years since my last visit ?

Mort's Deli
18452 Clark St.
Tarzana, CA

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  1. It's been over three years since my last visit there but I only rate it average. I like Brent's better.

    1. I haven't been there in 20 years either..... there was nothing then to make me think of going back. Agree with the other poster..........Brent's Deli.

      1. i was there a little over a year ago, it's the joint catty corner to the bakery, right?

        anyhow, it's ok, nowhere near as good as brent's and it cannot touch the goodness of the pastrami at Langer's.

        nothing special, you could do worse if you are in the area. i would recommend arts in studio city over this joint, but then again arts is a good few miles away, and has much higher prices;

        at least the prices at morts are very cheap compared to other sit-down jewish delis.

        1. Drove by a few months ago after not having been in quite awhile (no longer work in the area). Tried the pastrami which was dreadful. FULL of fat - which the owner saw me remove. While he was friendly and pleasant when I ordered, he also made no mention when he saw there was something wrong. I don't mind a little fat, but this was the majority of the sandwich.

          Contrast this to Ben's in Burbank recently (which I had trashed here a few years ago). The waitress immediately came over and said "Let me replace that for you". Which she did and it was quite good.

          I would have normally sent the sandwich at Mort's back, but was in a rush and had to leave. I also left half the sandwich. Truly terrible.

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          1. re: Briggs

            This place survives because:
            1. it's a neighborhood joint, I am positive anyone would travel far to go there.
            2. memories of past days. (when I dont know-they must have had some good past days sometime) (I guess)
            3. it joins up with BEAS-a wonderful bakery which is second to none as far as Jewish bakeries are concerned. If Beas closed up G-d forbid they would also, I am sure.

            And as much as I dislike ARTS Deli-yes Mort's is not as good as ARTS.

          2. Having grown up in Tarzana my parents used to take me here for breakfast or lunch. The food as I remember it was never particularly outstanding. Just greasy spoon deli dishes with eggs and bacon for breakfast and turkey sandwiches for lunch. We stopped going when Mort offended my dad during lunch one day. We were having terribly slow service, Mort was there, so my Dad brought it to his attention. Instead of taking care of it he brushed my Dad off with a gruff "you'll have to wait" and wandered away. We never went back.

            I do remember some good times though. My go-to lunch order was always the patty melt with fries. It was a messy greasy layering of bread, meat, and american cheese with grilled onions but I always enjoyed it well enough. It's probably why I am still so in love with patty melts some odd years later.

            Recently I moved back into the area, walking distance in fact, and have been thinking about revisiting my good 'ol patty melt. Cross your fingers that my memory of it holds out!