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Jan 14, 2009 08:19 AM

What's up with Noo Na?

I love Noo Na on Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights, but the last few times I've walked by, its been shuttered. It looks like there's renovation work going on - does anyone know if its still going to be Noo Na when the work is complete? I hope so, though I'm a bit suspect since it didn't look like Noo Na needed much work.

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  1. It's the same owners, but they're changing it to a bar called Cornelius. I read a blurb about it in TimeOut. Said it will specialize in whiskeys and have food. I'm excited as I live a block away. I liked NooNa, but I feel like I will go to Cornelius a lot. I think it actually might be opening tonight.

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        Its Cornelius now. We walked in and after 10 minutes at the bar we still werent even greeted. Ill give them another chance in a few months when they get service ironed out because thee menu looks great, the atmosphere was nice and the whiskey list was well thought out. Always dissappointing though when you feel invisible.

    1. $12 cocktails in prospect heights in a recession?

      Good luck with that

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        Ate here a week or two ago and had a TERRIBLE experience. The night started well with fairly good (though, as noted above, pricey) cocktails and (again, as already noted) their liquor list is extensive and interesting. Service was good at the beginning of the meal as we came in early. Apps were bland but not terrible (decent oysters) and the entrees were again OK. Wine was bad. Beer was terrible (the waitress suggested a sweet stout with dinner - and when I say sweet I mean dessert-wine levels of sweetness). Dessert was a disaster - we ordered the "bread pudding" which, when it arrived, turned out to be a handful of cubed stale bread slathered in hershey's chocolate syrup. By the end of the meal, the place had filled up a bit more and our waitress was nowhere to be found. We waited roughly 30 minutes for our check to come. I do not recommend the experience...

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          I have had decent experiences here...mostly with drinks, not with food. Good scotch/bourbon selections, rotating beer list and strong cocktails. Food is eh, nothing special and overhyped.

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            Places like this In Brooklyn seem to chose style over substance and skill with their staff. It usually repels me from going there. I dont care how cool my waiter or waitress is I want a knowledgeable, capable, and efficient person helping me. This doesn't suprise me.