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Jan 14, 2009 08:03 AM

(unwanted) insects in food

Yesterday I bought a cup of soup from the cafeteria in my office. When I got back to my desk I discovered--before eating any--that there were small insects floating around in the soup. At first they looked like spices or caraway seeds or something. I brought it back to the cafeteria and the manager pulled the entire batch of soup and refunded my money and of course apologized.

Strangely, the incident didn't bother me at all. It was a beef barley soup and I suspect that the insects were in the dry barley to begin with. Once I bought a can of Quaker Oats from the supermarket and it had similar, small dead bugs in it. I wrote the company and they said that it happens from time to time and they gave me some coupons.

What do you think? Did the cafeteria commit a mortal sin by not noticing the bugs in the soup? (I'm assuming here that they didn't notice--had they seen them and served the soup anyway, that would be a different matter.)

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  1. I imagine, when you're working with batches like that, you don't pay attention. I'd go with honest mistake, especially with the professionalism they showed after.

    1. Sounds like they handled it properly and you got your money back. No harm, no foul.

      And just to throw this out there: If the bugs are cooked, chances are they aren't going to hurt anyone who inadvertently eats them.

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        Glad that they threw the whole batch away. Hopefully they'll be more observant in the future.

        I was once eating a bowl of Kashi cereal, the ones that look like Cheerios, looked down at my spoon as it was approching my mouth and saw a worm baked on to one of the "O"s. That was it for the bowl, box and unfortunately can never bring myself to buy Kashi cereal again. I know these things happens and at least the bug was dead but it totally grossed me out.

      2. I ordered a salad once at a slightly upscale restaurant in Berkeley during a business lunch. After a few bites I noticed an entire dead grasshopper mixed with the greens. I pushed the grasshopper to the side of the plate, finished my salad to the amusement of my host and then showed the waitress. She was horrified but I didn't really think it was that big a deal. They comped my meal and gave me a free dessert.