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Jan 14, 2009 08:02 AM


With the article in Gazette today, I now have a hankering for good Korean food. Suggestions?

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  1. There have been numerous discussions about Korean food on this board. A little digging will unearth them. Here's one to start:

    1. These threads should get you started.

      Restaurant 5000ans - Korean

      Miga - Korean on the Plateau

      Maison de Seoul: Report


      Chez Hwang

      mmm Maison Bulgogi want more, but what to order?

      Bibimbap Roundup

      I continue to be impressed by Maison Bulgogi. Good (and often better) home-style food at amazing prices. Open till 23:00. Zero ambiance but with cooking that honest and affordable, who cares?

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      1. re: carswell

        I second the Maison Bulgogi. I've been to many Korean restaurants both in Montreal and Vancouver, and Maison Bulgogi is still my go-to restaurant. It's not a place to bring a date, mind you, but a nice haunt to have some soju with friends. The waitress that works there during the day is extra attentive too... unlike most other places :/

        1. re: carswell

          And Bulgogi's homemade noodles are to die for!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. At Maison Bulgogi ... the Seafood Pancake!
            The downside of eating there -- stinky clothes/hair/etc afterwards.

            Also, the Dolsot Bibimbap is a must!

            So... Seafood Pancake as an appetizer (can be shared) and the Dolsot bibimbap as the main course.

            1. Yeah, I would still say Maison Bulgogi still remains my go-to place, for the quality of the flavours of the food, and the reasonable prices. I had a yummy soondubu soup with seafood there the other day, and it really hit the spot on a cold rainy day. I still think the soondubu at 5000 Ans is outstanding, but I still prefer going to MB for some of the other dishes such as the Pa jon and the dok bokki and the kimchi based stir fry dishes.

              Still also a fan of Miga, that place reminds me of my mother and the way she cooks...

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              1. re: moh

                Seoul B B Q on Cavendish seems to be off the radar due to its wacky location, but the food there is sensational. Their tofu pork and kimchi stew is second to none.

                1. re: bomobob

                  I agree, that place on cavendish is good.

                  Just went to Maison Bulgogi yesterday and, you know, I'm not Korean and have never been to Korea but i'm not super fond of that place. I don't "get" the cold potatoes and the seaweed tasted kinda funky. The pajun was def. not as good as a the hwang kum.

                  But we ordered the oxtail and it was delish!! As were the homemade noodles! Still, the bibimbap at Kagopa is the best IMHO.

                  1. re: Arktik

                    Hmm, I wasn't as impressed by the bibimbap at Kagopa, I thought it was good, but I think I still prefer the Maison Seoul version. Mind you, I make a pretty mean bibimbap myself, so I concede I am a bit fussy.

                    1. re: moh

                      A little off topic here or perhaps along topic...
                      Theres a Sami Fruit in LaSalle at the previous Morelatos location in a strip mall of sorts. This was our original destination, but decided to grab dinner along the way at LaSalle Caribbean, about 8 doors away in the mall.
                      We passed Misoya, which by the sign/name, had assumed to be Japanese. Its actually Korean (with the familiar smattering of Japanese items).

                      We plan on giving this a try sometime, but life gets difficult when trying to eat carefully cooked meals at home....
                      The *List* seems to be growing faster than we can tick off wanna-tries...sigh.

                      1. re: porker

                        Misoya is pretty pretty good. The best sushi I've found within 10km of Lachine. The Kim-Chi ain't bad either. Have not tried the rest of their Korean stuff.

                      2. re: moh

                        What do they put in their bibimbap at Maison Seoul...and what do you put in yours?!

                        I've only been to Maison Seoul once, on a Friday night with bebe and we were sooooo squeeeezed in there it was almost unbearable. I don't even remeber the food. I'm all up for giving it another try at a less busy time!

                        1. re: Arktik

                          If memory serves me correctly, Seoul uses a mixture of seasoned bulgogi, spinach, carrots, mung bean sprouts, egg, and a few other ingredients I can't quite remember.The ingredients are well-seasoned. They get the rice in the dolsot bibimbap just right, a light sesame flavoured crispy layer on the bottom of the dolsot, they use a nicely flavoured kochujang sauce, the egg is the right runny-ness, the temperature is spot on.

                          As for my own bibimbap, I like a combination of soy bean sprouts, seasoned spinach, sauteed julienned carrots, sauteed julienned zucchini, doragi (bell flower root) seasoned with kochujang, gosari (fern bracken stewed with soy sauce, green pepper and dried shitake mushrooms), sauteed shitake mushrooms, egg, and of course kochujang. I must admit, I don't often bother adding the bulgogi, I really like the vegetarian version with just the egg. But the beauty of bibimbap is that you can add whatever you like or have in the fridge. It is a great way to eat leftovers.

                          Here is a recent thread from Hannaone, one of our veteran posters who specializes in Korean cuisine on his version of bibimbap. The recipe looks complicated, but it isn't that bad once you start, the techniques for cooking everything is fairly straightforward and there is a lot of leeway re: ingredients (ie if you can;t find it, no problem - but all the ingredients listed can be found at any Korean grocery store). I can tell you that Hannaone's recipes are very authentic and delicious.


                  2. re: moh

                    Have any of you tried the korean bbq (I think its table top BBQ) resto around the corner from Seoul BBQ? Its in a small strip mall on St. Jacques about 600 meters east of Cavendish. Sharing the strip mall is 'Classy Carwash' where they usually have a female manaquin holding a red cloth
                    (BTW its NOT Chez Hwang farther east on Upper Lachine, across from Momesso's).
                    We passed this place a few times and its on our list, but have yet to try. Just wondering about any opinions.

                    Arktik, funny how you mention the cold potatoes. I had a craving for the stuff just last week, but didn't quite know what it was. A bit of snooping and I came up with a potato banchan recipe. I replaced turnip for potato and it came out fantastic - a great side dish or snack.

                    1. re: porker

                      The place on St-Jacques is Kagopa.

                        1. re: porker

                          The food is great. I was impressed with the selection of banchan. The pickled garlic was ridiculously good. The one thing we hated though was the owner's refusal to serve us the dishes we wanted to order. He kept trying to steer us towards the bulbogi. He was amazed that my girlfriend could handle the little bit of gochujang in her cold noodle dish. I think they reminded her three times that the noodles would be cold before they let her order it. It was just a tremendously frustrating experience. So even though the food was some of the best Korean food we've had in Montreal, we never went back.

                            1. re: carswell

                              Thanks Carswell...I now remember reading the post in the summer, but did not associate it with the St. Jacques resto.
                              Once again, I'm an idiot.

                              I'm now curious if we'll get the same treatment as SnackHappy. We'll see.

                      1. re: moh

                        Miga is "apporter votre vin" now, which is nice.