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Jan 14, 2009 07:37 AM

Day Trip to Baltimore. Any suggestions?

To avoid some of the touristy mayhem of inaugural day, we're looking to escape to Baltimore for a day. Anyone have any ideas? We're looking for some good food, maybe a new great restaurant and some cool neighborhoods. Give me your thoughts!

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  1. If you're going to be here for breakfast/brunch/lunch, I'd go to Miss Shirley's. There's one on Cold Spring Lane, in northern Baltimore City, but I also know that there's one on Pratt Street (haven't been to that one). For dinner, I'd go to Peter's Inn in Fell's Point.

    1. Eh, I'd skip Miss Shirley's. Most people think it's a good brunch (I think it's overrated), but I think even people who like it would admit it's certainly no better than what you find in DC.

      If it were me, I'd probably head first to Federal Hill and spend some time poking around the shops and galleries there. Maybe hit up the AVAM or Fort McHenry. There are a few little cafes there to grab a quick breakfast if you are hungry, or graze the stalls in Cross St. market. For lunch, I'd head to Lexignton Market and grab a terrific sandwich at Mary Mervis or a crabcake at Faidley's, with a Berger cookie for dessert. (Alternative: stay in Fed Hill for lunch and do either Cross St. market or one of the restaurants (Corks, Abbey Burger Bistro, Dog Pub for pizza -- do a search, lots of options)). Then pass through the inner harbor just to check out the waterfront, on your way to Harbor East for some more fun shopping. (or, if you're me, browsing.) If you're inclined, stop by the aquarium first, which is pretty nice, and check that out. Otherwise, after Harbor East keep following the promenade into Fells Point for more quirky neighborhood fun. Stay in Fells for dinner (again, lots of options, do a search -- Kali's, Duda's, Fins, Peter's, Henninger's) and hit up one of the many bars for drinks after, if so inclined.

      But that's just me. :-)

      I love this city. Enjoy the day!

      1. I'd like to also suggest eating/shopping/hanging out in Hampden, which is about 10 minutes north of downtown, and really easy to get to via 83. Hampden has a really fun young, artsy, hipster vibe. Dogwood would be a great spot to stop for lunch. There are also a lot of small boutiques selling local artist's creations, an independent bookstore (atomic books), antique stores, thrift stores, etc. Hampden is a unique Baltimore neighborhood that doesn't get taken advantage of by tourists, who usually tend to stay more downtown.

        1. Faidley's in Lexington Market for an All Lump Crabcake and a Berger Cookie for dessert.

          shop in Harbor East

          Walk around Canton Square and get a bloody mary and the Old Bay Wings and/or crab dip from Mama's on the Half Shell

          1. Lexington and Cross Street Market suggestions are right on target for breakfast and lunch, especially Faidley's at Lex Mkt. Lots of choices at both; near Cross Street on Federal Hill are lots of dinner options (Corks, The Bicycle, Matsuri, etc.)

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              I'd start in Fells Point for breakfast, at either Blue Moon (personal favorite!) or the crepe place attached to Eclectic Elements on Broadway. Or, if you're just in the mood for something light, there are also a handful of coffee shops. Then you can mosey around Fells, check out the water, and -- if you're walking and the weather is nice -- start heading towards Harbor East. From Fells, you can walk through Harbor East to the Inner Harbor, and then around to Federal Hill. There is plenty of shopping, sightseeing, and nice views along the way, and you can grab lunch at one of the aforementioned spots in Fed Hill. AVAM is also a great suggestion. You can take the water taxi or a cheap cab back to your car in Fells Point, and head up to Hampden for afternoon shopping and dinner. (straight up 83, take the Falls Road exit and park on the Avenue). Hampden is my favorite neighborhood for shopping. You'll find lots of fun, unique shops. For dinner, I recommend Woodberry Kitchen, and I would suggest getting a reservation even though it's a Tuesday. Dogwood and Golden West are also good dinner options, depending on what you're looking for. Hope you have fun and enjoy Baltimore!

              ps If you decide to stay downtown for dinner I definitely second the recommendation for Peter's Inn in Fells Point. Also love Jack's, Annabel Lee in Canton / Highlandtown, and Salt in Butcher's Hill...