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Jan 14, 2009 07:22 AM

Fried Chicken around Union Square?

I'm craving fried chicken it so badly and would love to have some on my lunch break. Unfortunately it's insanely cold so I can't trek too far. Any ideas?

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  1. Dirty Bird on 204 w 14th streeet is probably your best bet.

    1. Big Daddy's Diner has a terrific fried chicken blue plate big enough for two. And tater tots.

      1. I'm pretty sure Chat and Chew has Fried Chicken on their menu. They are at 15th between Union Square and 5th ave.

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        1. re: sloane

          ended up at chat n chew since it was close to the office and is usually pretty quick. today, it was unusually slow and the chicken was meh--not that crispy. still did the trick though. will have to try the other places sometime

          1. re: waxyjax

            The Redhead is nearby, and I heard it's AMAZING!

          2. re: sloane

            Chat and Chew makes pretty good fried chicken.