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Jan 14, 2009 07:16 AM

Al Dente Restaurant in Palm Springs

Has anyone been here? Suggesting for a client dinner. Please advise - I need a place that has menu prices right around $35, inclusive of appetizer, salad and entree, exclusive of wine.


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  1. I have not, but Roys, offers a prefixe for 35 per person.

    1. Roys in Rancho Mirage offers a prefixe for 35 per person.

      1. Haven't been there lately but the food is ok. There are several other places you might check out including Zin, they have had a $29 prix fixe dinner that was very good thru the summer, 3 courses. Pomme Frite also had an interesting early dinning option,.

        1. Thank you - psfoodgirl! Zin was one of my other options, altho the prix fixe is only good during early hours - this group is dining after 7.

          Client wanted to avoid a chain, so Roys is out. Thanks anyway! (I love Roy's!)

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            Me too. They are the most unchainlike chain resteraunt, they allow their chefs to exercise independence and create their own items along side the standards. Let us know where you go, we are going down this weekend, and an affordable alternative would be nice.