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Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips

I love Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips but I haven't really seen them anywhere other than Pusateri's. Pusateri's is a bit out of my way so I wonder if there are any grocery chains or any other stores that sell it.

If you've seen it on a shelf somewhere in GTA, please let me know.

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  1. The Loblaws and Yonge and Yonge Blvd sells them - presume others do as well.

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        Awesome! Clearly I haven't looked enough, thanks. Do you know if they have "low sodium" or "no sodium" Terra chips?

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          both. they are cheapest at sobeys. cheaper than shoppers.

    1. shoppers drug mart ... the significant others favorite grocery store ...

      1. Kitchen Table (various locations throughout the city - King/Bathurst, Atrium on Bay, Spadina Village etc etc.) has them.

        1. Fortinos have them, depending on which one you go to, I've seen them in the organic foods section and in the snack aisle as well...

            1. Sun Valley on Danforth near Pape

              1. Loblaws carry the "low sodium" Terra chips.

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                  amazing, thanks for that info. i've only had low sodium and it was the perfect amount of salt, especially for my family who's on low sodium diet. dad's going to love it! thanks!!!

                2. All the stores mentioned above sell them. However, the absolute cheapest place in the city to buy these is at "Almost Perfect" Food store which is in the plaza on Sheppard just West of Allen Rd.

                  They are ridiculously cheap - often $0.99 a bag or 2/$1. (Retail they sell for $3-4 a bag at Loblaws etc).

                  The only thing is they're often near their expiration date - hence the cheap price, but YMMV. The store itself sells overstocked,damaged,near-expiry and other items.

                  Here's the address from their website:
                  1150 Sheppard Ave. W.
                  Toronto, Ont. M3K 2B5
                  (west of the Allen Expressway)

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                    That's good information, thanks! I know it's a bit pricey, and if it is to be consumed immediately, I guess it couldn't be bad! I actually commute to downtown and have my car parked at Downsview so I will pick some up this evening! :)