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Jan 14, 2009 06:44 AM

Looking for eats in Broadmoor, volunteer chow

Hey hounds
I'm leading a group of high school kids to volunteer in Feb... we have meals provided at the place we're staying but would like to head out for a fun dinner with the gang one night. Looking for authentic chow in a non-bar (underage kids) that won't break the bank. Also any ideas for places to walk to in Broadmoor (where we're staying) for dessert/ice cream at night?

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  1. Thanks for coming! Broadmoor is very, very residential. How far are you willing to walk? And where in Broadmoor are you staying? Some parts I would not recommend walking around at night. You may be close to Tulane, there are a few things on Calhoun St north of Claiborne, not sure about dessert, though.

    For your meal out, I'd say Mandina's (great fried seafood), or Franky and Johnny's (should have boiled crawfish by then). Mandina's is around the corner from Angelo Brocato's for dessert. Do you have a more specific price point?

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      I was going to suggest those exact two places

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        We're staying at the Annunciation Mission on S. Claiborne. It would be great to have a spot to walk to, but we'll have a van too. Thanks!

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          Looking at the map, that's at Napoleon and Claiborne. Sorry to say there is really nothing unless you are willing to walk about a mile. And I would not walk toward downtown on Claiborne.

          Pascal's Manale is on Napoleon down near St. Charles, and if you continue on to Magazine, there are a bunch of things down there. There's an ice cream shop (Creole Creamery) between Napoleon and Jefferson on Prytania, though if I were in the van anyway, I'd drive to Pazzo Gelato on Oak Street.

          Edit: There is a big Walgreen's right across the street, so ice cream could be bought there in a pinch. :)

      2. Ye Olde College Inn

        for more listings in that area:

        thanks for coming and volunteering!

        1. I forgot to have that we have a few vegetarians with us, so it might be nice to go somewhere veggie friendly...

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            Good luck. New Orleans isn't an especially veggie friendly town, at least not at the lower pricing points. One inexpensive, veggie-friendly place is Pho Tau Bay, a family-operated vietnamese restaurant on the West Bank. Yes, you'll have to drive, but a tofu bahn mi is less than $5.

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              What about the noodle house at the corner of Carrollton and Canal? Would they have veggie offerings?

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                Mona's on Calhoun or Lebanon's Cafe on S. Carrollton, both Mediterranean cuisine, have vegetarian dishes

                Felipe's by Tulane University has Mexican, and probably can make meatless dishes

                All 3 are very affordable

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                  Yes, Doson's Noodle House has veggie stuff.

                  Also Cafe Granada on Carrollton right next to Lebanon's has several vegetarian tapas options.

            2. Well as you are looking for authentic chow, I will assume you mean new Orleans type food and maybe not Middle Eastern or the other suggestions. Sadly, I don't know of anything. There's always some places that make a vegetarian red beans and rice, but I can't think of who does that off the top of my head. You could always get a french fry po boy, but that is only good if it has the gravy on it and the vegetarians might be really strict and not eat that.
              Honestly, I would call Mandina's and let them know about your requirements, they would love the fact that a group of young kids are coming here to help out and they may make something special for the vegetarians of the group, that would probably hold true of just about any place.

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                The Gumbo Shop in the F.Q. has both "traditional" cajun food and always at least two vegitarian options (a vegitarian entree of the day, typically a bean and rice deal, and the gumbo des herbes) They also have some veg-friendly sides. An even lower price point, I believe, would be the Praline Connection on Frenchman, and this one will be very good for a group. They too have vegitarian red beans and some greens/macaroni/ etc, the menu would be classified as "soul food." Neither of these are in the area, driving would be your only option, but they both would be just about the only places I know that could reasonably satisfy the desire to have something "traditional" and"inexpensive" and "veg-friendly." They both happily accomodate underage patrons, though they both do serve alcohol, and both have a fairly festive, new orleans vibe. Think either would work. Unfortunately, as said before, there is little available in walking distance, besides on Calhoun and Claiborne, where there are a few affordable places that cater to locals and the nearby universities, but I can't think of any place for dessert around there. Good luck and thanks so much for coming.