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Jan 14, 2009 06:40 AM

Market Street in Coppell

Is opening today.. I haven't been yet but plan to go at lunch. Just wanted to start a thread to gather peoples thoughts and opinions. Ill post back later with my thoughts.

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  1. I love that grocery store. I live about a mile from the one in Colleyville and I'm there pretty much every day. It's funny, my mother lives in Coppell and has been driving to the Colleyville store for quite a while to shop. I think last night was like Christmas Eve for her.

    1. It was well stocked. Had some prime beef, good organic beef and chicken selections. The pre-made food options were fantastic. Had some beautiful yellowfin (dark red/purple as its supposed to be). Missing some high end items that are easy to keep around with minimal profit loss such as canned ventresca tuna. They are well staffed, and the employees seemed knowledgeable. The beer and wine selection was up to par, and they have an onsite wine advisor which is nice, but I did not have a chance to speak with him. Definitely hands above your Tom Thumbs, Albertsons, etc, but still a ways from Central Market. I live literally next door so they will be seeing plenty of me.

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      1. re: ZeTerroir

        They will never be a CM and I don't think they are trying to be. They are a nice combination of CM and a regular grocery store. They have all the stand-bys you need and enough of the specialty stuff to take care of most of those needs. I've found there prices to be better than the Tom Thumb/Albertsons mix on regular grocery and much cheaper than CM on their specialty stuff.

        While not as extensive as CM in the meat and seafood department, they blow away the other guys and, generally, have better prices. BTW - try the tamales, very good.

        I know I sound like a shill for them, but I do all the shopping and cooking at my house, so I'm very partial to a good shopping experience. A lot of what makes them great is their service. Compare checkout time between them and any of the other stores and you'll see what I mean. They always seem to be over-staffed.

        I always wished HEB would make it up this way, but since they haven't, glad that United came down here. DFW is a tough grocery market and they've shown how you can come in and dominate.

        OK, off my soapbox now.

        1. re: Brad2

          Agree. Great service. My post below sounded like I was shilling, but I'm really not. I just am impressed by the lunch items as well as the service.

          Mr Bean

      2. ZeTerrior and Brad2:

        Thank you so much for your posts about the new Coppell-Lewisville location. We have pictures from today’s grand opening, and we would also like to pass along a $10 off coupon for you (and your Mom Brad2) to print and use at your next visit! We always want to hear your feedback, and I will pass along the request for canned ventresca tuna.



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        1. re: MarketStreetDFW

          I go to the Market Street in Allen at least once a week for lunch. The roast chicken is fantastic and this week I had some a pork loin lunch that was great (nice and moist with just the right seasoning). I am anxious to try some of the sandwiches and pizza, but I can't tear myself away from the lunch plates. The ready-to-eat section is really like a good restaurant rather than a grocery store. Nice places to sit and eat and relax.

          The thing I like best is the people working there. They are always friendly and happy to serve you. I'm lucky it's close to my work so I can go there, eat, and get back to work quickly.

          Any other feedback on good lunch items at Market Street? Has anyone tried the prime rib lunch?


          Mr Bean

          1. re: mrbean

            Yes their dinners for two are going to be waaaay too convenient with this being next door to me. My cooking skills are going to take a hit. Damn you MS!! :-)

            1. re: mrbean

              Mr Bean, this from my experience with their Colleyville location. If you like the roast chicken, you need to try their signature soup, Green Chili Chicken. It is chock full of chunks of their rotisserie chicken, except occasionally after the lunch rush - if so, tell them and they'll fix it. Excellent flavor! It is so good, particularly at this time of year.

              1. re: CocoaNut

                Sweeet!! Thanks CocoaNut. I'll give it a try - maybe tomorrow since the temps would suggest a soup outing for lunch. Mmmmm - I'm already drooling. I appreciate the suggestion.

              2. re: mrbean

                I like the cajun turkey or whatever on their salad bar in Allen, you can get a decent salad for <$7 which is reasonable. Gotta say I prefer Sprout's or Assi for produce/fish though.

                1. re: luniz

                  Off topic but has Asia World's seafood gone downhill since it opened? I remember the first few weeks it was open I got fresh red snapper for $3.99/lb clean & gutted. Besides SeaBreeze is Assi the place to go for fish in Plano...I know there is Central Market also.

                  1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                    I don't really venture out to CM too much, I go when they get that bagged Texas spinach I really like and to get obscure expensive stuff but that's about it. I got some really really nice salmon from Assi for cheap about a month ago but that's the only fish I've gotten there, I'd been there before but not really bought anything significant. I've been to the Mozart Bakery a couple times, it's ok but nothing exciting...especially after spending a day wandering around Chicago's Chinatown.

                    To be honest I haven't been cooking a lot of seafood or anything else for dinner lately, I'm kinda experimenting with an extremely dull "dinner" in order to manage calories while I attempt to gain weight. What I have been cooking is stuff that can make my lunch for the next week. I did get some pretty decent scallops from Sprout's last week for a decent price (couple bucks off normal) but their sales haven't been too exciting. Maybe I can hop my lazy *** out of bed Sunday morning to get back to Assi because I want to see if that was just a lucky fluke or if that sort of deliciousness is common occurrence.

            2. While this store has a beautiful bakery area, the prices in the market are crazy.

              I shop at the Sprouts up on Sandy Lake Rd. & while it's not fancy - the produce & meat quality is high & not nearly as expensive. They also have more health oriented foods.

              Their Flower Mound store looks a lot nicer, but I think if more people knew about Sprouts & shopped there - they'd remodel. They did in Flower Mound.