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Jan 14, 2009 06:30 AM

Best Desserts in Toronto

I wanted to know where people think serve the best desserts in Toronto looking more for a place that specializes in desserts rather than a full dining experience.

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  1. I think Marvellous Edibles, on Laird (near Eglinton) has excellent desserts, and there are quite a few to choose from--perhaps upwards of 15 different pies, cakes, etc. Is there an area of the city you'd like to stay close to?

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      Not really i've just recently been perusing through this website and have enjoyed the suggestions people have made for a variety of cuisines but did not see much in the way of desserts when I searched within the Ontario board so hopefully we could get some good recommendations in here!

    2. For take-out, I usually purchase my cakes from Dessert Lady on Cumberland Street and Yonge. I find their desserts are nicely presented and not sweet at all. The pastry chef and owners are great people to chat up as well. Somewhere closer to home is La Bamboche (Manor Road) and I find their pastries quite decent as well.

      I am personally looking for a sit-down place for decent dessert and coffee. A place to meet up with friends for a long chat after dinner. And I'm not referring to Demetre's or the old Plantation, either...

      1. Another place is Dessert Trends, though I notice from their website that they're generally not open late. I think of their desserts as more refined and made with more artistry than those at Marvellous Edibles; however I have always enjoyed the ones at Marvellous Edibles, as well.

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          Those hours are just for January -- they'll be back open for dinner in February.

        2. It would depend on what time of day you're looking for. Cakes, pastries? For sheer selection (even though the treats aren't made in house) I usually skip dessert at a restaurant and head for Tango Palace Coffee Co. on Queen E. in Leslieville. They're open until 10-11 at night too.

          During business hours, there are many, many great pastry and cake shops in town that could all compete for best in town (Jules, Rahier, La Cigogne, Zane, Clafouti, Pain Perdu & Red Tea Box just to name a few)

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            Yes, a lot of those do have great desserts. So, for daytime treats, they're great places to stop in and have a coffee with your treat.

            Unfortunately, I don't heartily recommend Tango Palace. While they do have a lot of desserts and sweet fare, I have been sorely disappointed with the "looks better than it tastes" phenomenon there, and a number of things I ordered there were stale. They don't make the desserts themselves, and there are so many that I think they lose track of what's fresh. Coffee is good, though, and it's a nice casual place. If you luck out, and the staff behind the counter can advise re. what's fresh and good, it may be worth a trip.

            Another great place for desserts is Senses Bakery, especially if looking for an elegant room in which to enjoy the treat. (

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              I find the desserts at Tango Palace are mainly sickeningly sweet. I have never enjoyed a dessert there. This is especially sad because they are the only such place in the area that is open at all late. Nice place, but yucky desserts.

            2. I had a multi course 'dessert tasting menu' at Amuse Bouche that was very impressive and very good. Only available after 9pm though. Also, its been awhile, so unsure if its still available. Better call ahead and check.