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Jan 14, 2009 06:19 AM

Near the Don?

We will be spending a much needed night away from the baby at the Don. Their restaurant is probably more formal than we are looking for so looking for dinner suggestions (is a Monday night though). We like wine, tapas or interesting apps, fresh seafood, kind of romantic but not over the top. Just a nice little spot to enjoy some quiet time....hopefully a walk or a short drive away.

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  1. Check out two restaurants a short drive south of the Don -- Sea Critter's right on the water; make sure you get a table on the dock, and The Black Palm ( which is in the village area of Pass-a-grille. Walk the beach afterwards....

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      Black Palm...i remember chowhounders had told us of that in the past but little one always gets sick when we go to the in-laws so we have yet to make it on our night away....we'll definitely try 1 of those thanks!

    2. 2 nice restaurants very close is Snappers and Mad Fish, moderate prices mid 20's Plenty of options close to the Don. Enjoy the great beach and area

      1. Not sure if you know this, but the Don has a "midprice" restaurant called the Sea Porch, on the ground floor, I haven't been in awhile, but always loved their food and the ambience of being right next to the sand.

        Have a great time!

        1. Thanks all...We ended up having a few drinks at sunset at the poolside bar at the Don-beautiful but of course expensive drinks and then ate at Cafe Luna and loved it. I had the crab & snapper piccata...a wonderful dish & the tomato bisque--yum yum. My husband had a steak that was good-not great. We had breakfast at the Frog Pond on the way out the next morning....good & huge portions. Friendly spot.