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Dannys BBQ Cary NC

Not too impressed with this place,,,seemed like a pretend type Q joint,,,like a city slicker version of a BBQ restaurant,,I mean Q on Texas Toast?,,tasted ok but not BBQ

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  1. Danny moved here from Florida a few years ago. When he couldn't find the style of BBQ they have down there he opened a Florida style place here. North Carolina style isn't the only BBQ style in the country. I'm pleased that we are getting a representation of other BBQ styles in the area. I like his pork or brisket with one of the non vinegar based sauces.

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      When people say FL style BBQ I think of Sonny's. Yeah, they're a franchise but I think they put out a good product at a very reasonable price. I wish we would get a Sonny's up here in the Triangle. The closest one is about 30 minutes east of Charlotte off I-85, at the same exit as Bass Pro Shops.

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        Definitely FL BBQ, very similar to Sonny's. We go there to get the mustard-style BBQ sauce. It's good for that. Aside from the food, the staff at the Cary restaurant is really friendly and it's a great family spot. I do always fee like the place good be a little cleaner though.

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          There was a Sonny's in Chapel Hill. They closed around father's day in about 1985. They were in the location that has since been occupied by Squid's.

      2. Agreed, blewgo - Danny's really is good for what it is. I think people sometimes go there expecting it to be like Smithfield's, which it isn't.

        1. His spareribs aren't bad at all. I like the fact that there are several different sauces to choose from at your table. And I think his less expensive St. Louis ribs taste better than his baby backs (strange!).

          1. Here's a link:


            Has anyone tried the other locations? Curious as to consistency.

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              I have also been to the Danny's in RTP, at the corner of Miami and T.W. Alexander. Again, fine for what it is. It is not the style I prefer, but it is good for what it is.

            2. I like the beef BRISKET. When I was doing South Beach diet I'd pick up a couple pounds of that and love every bite. Work near the RTP location and have bought from the Morrisville location by the movie theater, and the Cary location by Wal-Mart -- they seem pretty consistent. Meaning the brisket is consistently good, but I don't find much else I like.

              1. If you're looking for good Q , check out Dixie Belle. They've moved to Apex but used to have a shop on 64 in Cary. Haven't tried their new loc, but really enjoyed the old spot.

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                  The fact that Danny's has held on so long is a testament to the fact that Cary is a containment area for relocated yankees (similar to that New Jersey BBQ they serve in Hatteras.) The man sneers at the regional style.

                  Do yourself a favor and drive a ways toward Durham, and eat at Backyard BBQ.

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                    So what if it's not "regional style" BBQ, white? There are all kinds of people in the Triangle, which means that there's room for all kinds of cuisine. If you don't care for it for whatever reason, don't patronize them.

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                      May be unintentional, but sounds like the language of a troll to me.

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                        No worries there. Plenty of room for people with low Q standards - more for me.