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Jan 14, 2009 06:14 AM

Dannys BBQ Cary NC

Not too impressed with this place,,,seemed like a pretend type Q joint,,,like a city slicker version of a BBQ restaurant,,I mean Q on Texas Toast?,,tasted ok but not BBQ

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  1. Danny moved here from Florida a few years ago. When he couldn't find the style of BBQ they have down there he opened a Florida style place here. North Carolina style isn't the only BBQ style in the country. I'm pleased that we are getting a representation of other BBQ styles in the area. I like his pork or brisket with one of the non vinegar based sauces.

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    1. re: blewgo

      When people say FL style BBQ I think of Sonny's. Yeah, they're a franchise but I think they put out a good product at a very reasonable price. I wish we would get a Sonny's up here in the Triangle. The closest one is about 30 minutes east of Charlotte off I-85, at the same exit as Bass Pro Shops.

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        Definitely FL BBQ, very similar to Sonny's. We go there to get the mustard-style BBQ sauce. It's good for that. Aside from the food, the staff at the Cary restaurant is really friendly and it's a great family spot. I do always fee like the place good be a little cleaner though.

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          There was a Sonny's in Chapel Hill. They closed around father's day in about 1985. They were in the location that has since been occupied by Squid's.

      2. Agreed, blewgo - Danny's really is good for what it is. I think people sometimes go there expecting it to be like Smithfield's, which it isn't.

        1. His spareribs aren't bad at all. I like the fact that there are several different sauces to choose from at your table. And I think his less expensive St. Louis ribs taste better than his baby backs (strange!).

          1. Here's a link:


            Has anyone tried the other locations? Curious as to consistency.

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              I have also been to the Danny's in RTP, at the corner of Miami and T.W. Alexander. Again, fine for what it is. It is not the style I prefer, but it is good for what it is.

            2. I like the beef BRISKET. When I was doing South Beach diet I'd pick up a couple pounds of that and love every bite. Work near the RTP location and have bought from the Morrisville location by the movie theater, and the Cary location by Wal-Mart -- they seem pretty consistent. Meaning the brisket is consistently good, but I don't find much else I like.