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Jan 14, 2009 05:41 AM

freezing mini cherry pies


I'm thinking of making a bunch of little cherry pies in muffin tins, and I'm wondering if anyone has tried this, or can share any thoughts. Do pies freeze well? Should one half-bake and then defrost/bake finished in the oven? Any ideas most welcome; I have a surfeit of cherries (along with a few strawberries and blueberries which I need to use now.



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  1. I make lots of cherry pies, but never tried it in muffin tins. Sounds delightful though. AND I frequently make them in advance and freeze. No need to half-bake them though. And no need to pre-thaw. Just turn down the oven after the required time for the non-frozen pie to 350 and continue baking until done.

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      Thank you! Just out of curiosity --do you proof your pie crust for cherry pies? It kind of sounds like not, but I just want to check. I will be precooking the berry filling, and I'm planning on making a plain old sweet pie crust (with home-rendered lard, yum).


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        I guess I don't proof my pie crust, 'cause I don't even know what that means. (Tail is firmly tucked between legs.) I use all-butter crusts for my cherry pies though.

    2. One of my joys from Christmases past was receiving a CARE package of individual mince pies baked in muffin tins from my mother when I lived far far away, which I would then freeze and hoard for myself as mince pie Popsicles! Granted, mince pies are not cherry pies, but I would think that if one bakes well in muffin tins and freezes well, the other would too. Go for it!