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Jan 14, 2009 04:57 AM

What's new and interesting since 2007? Ex-locals on a quick trip back


Ex-NY food and restaurant lovers, we moved to London in early 2007 and have barely been back since. Apart from some noise gathered about Momofuku Ko and Danube closing, we've been completely cut off from the NY food scene.

We're planning to spend a few days (5 evenings, 6 days) in the city in February and feel like our list of old hang outs and favoirites may be a bit dated:

- Blue Hill
- Blue Ribbon
- The bar at Otto
- Lunch at the bar at Blue Smoke
- wd-50
- Crif Dogs
- Palo Santo
- NY Burger Company

Are they still good? Have they been surpassed? Anything else new that may be of interest?



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  1. I love Otto and love it ever more when eating and drinking at the bar. Still a fan of Blue Smoke as well...Those BBQ potato chips...YUM!
    Give Bar Stuzzichini a try. Italian tapas (antipasto)...
    928 Broadway

    1. NY Burger Company could be skipped...What about lunch at Ssam bar? or get the burger at Union Square Cafe?

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      1. re: maggiej

        Ssam's great. If you do that, make sure to check out the Milk Bar located directly behind Ssam. Unique and delicious desserts, soft serve and savory items.

      2. A lot of people on this board are fans of Degustation. I've never been, but it's top of my "To Try" list. May want to check that out if you are dining with only two people (they only have bar seating).

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        1. re: eameyer

          i love degustation. make sure you get the torija for dessert.

        2. Sounds great - I was thinking about Degustation, they opened right around the time we left. How far ahead do I need to book a Thursday night dinner?

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          1. re: chloe254

            Call them now, I'd say. Probably two weeks ahead minimum. It's pretty awesome. And really small. There are a number of threads about it worth reading—consensus seems to be it's better to order a number of plates to share rather than getting the tasting menus.

          2. I think Crif Dog is same as always, but now there's a "secret" bar next door (that everyone knows about). It's called PDT (stands for Please Don't Tell). You can call ahead, especially during busy hours, or just stop in during slow times. You get in by going into the phone booth in Crif Dog. It's like your old standby with a twist.

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            1. re: harmony758

              they also have more hot dog "flavors" than crif dogs, including the "Chang Dog", either named after or created by David Chang (i think the latter).