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Scan Pan? or Best Non-Stick Pan?

So my husband seems on a mission to destroy all our pans...he cannot cook in stainless steel, ruined my cast iron skillert and our teflon pans have recently become to scratched to use....So what is the best non-sitck pan? And Safest? I read a review on the Scan pan & sounded great...anyone out there using this and like it? Or something else they love?

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  1. He can't ruin a cast iron. It's impossible unless he melted it, dropped it off in space and it burned up on re-entry or it was flattened by a train. My suggestion is to teach him about the pans and how to cook in each one.

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      He scrubbed & scrubbed and scrubbed and destroyed the patina. It is now rusted. Yes I could scrub it or or do the paper bag & salt thing & bake it with Crisco again, yadda yadda yadda...but I have a toddler & a job and just don't have the energy to start all over with it again at this time...maybe some other year...for now as the question stated i just want a good non-stick pan

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        If you just want a good non-stick pan then just go buy some non-stick pans. If that's what you want and you have money to burn to keep replacing them after they're ruined then go ahead. Buy some Farberware at Walmart. That's what I do. Non-stick pans are a semi-disposable item in my opinion. They'll last for about 4 or 5 years and then you'll need to buy another one because the coating has worn off. As far as quality, I wouldn't be spending lots of cash on this type of cookware simply because they don't last as long as something like stainless steel. I only have one non-stick pan for cooking things that benefit from non-stick, namely fish and eggs.

        ...But I still hold to my original point that you should teach your husband how not to ruin your non-stick pans, what a cast iron pan is, and how to cook on stainless steel or else you will continue to have problems.

    2. Had a full set of Scan Pan -- hated it. I now have a set of DeMeyere that I love; it's not non-stick, however. I have a relatively inexpensive non-stick frying pan that I replace as needed. I know that Candy swears by Swiss Diamond, so you might want to give that a look.

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        Thanks pikawicca...that's what I wanted to know if they were worth it...the review I read raved, but then you never know. I'll look into Swiss Diamond or maybe just go to Target and get a cheap one...my last Calphalons last 6 yrs so I guess that is not too bad...

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          Give the pans the knuckle test. Rap the bottom, using the sound and feel to get an idea of how thick the metal is. You want the thickest aluminum that you can find. A good thick pan is still useful when the non-stick coating is scratched and worn (or just dirty). A cheap, thin pan is only as good as its coating.

          I have an informal ranking among my pans. The ones with the best nonstick coating are reserved to items where that matters most - such as scrambled eggs. If making a sauce, I use an older pan. Yet another (seasoned carbon steel) is reserved for omelets and crepes. The more specialized pans are hung on a rack in the pantry, where it isn't as easy to grab them for routine tasks.

          It may also help to keep the non-stick friendly spoons and spatulas handy, and put the metal ones in drawer.

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            or you could sit your husband down and tell him how to properly cook with and care for the pans you have? ;-0

      2. I had a Scanpan that I discarded.
        I now use a $23 Vollrath non-stick,
        but only for eggs and such.
        At $23, I can easily afford
        to replace it every 4 or 5 years.

        1. I have to disagree on the Scanpan. I have one and I love it. However, if you husband has a tendancy to ruin pans, just get him cheap ones at a restaurant supply store, and have your own stash of better pans for your own use.

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            I have two and like them as well. I really only use them for eggs but have no complaints. Are they worth the price? Hard to say since they were test drive pieces I got through the store I work in. One is three years old however and still looks and performs as good as new. The only thing I have to compare them to is a Look skillet that hasn't held up as well in the same time priod.

            They aren't inexpensive so I would want to be sure they would be taken care of before I spent that kind of money on them.

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              My husband tends to be rough on pans, so he has his own Wal-mart non-stick pans and he leaves my LC and Calphalon non-stick alone. I got my Calphalon non-stick set 14 yrs. ago and the pans still have their coating because they are nice and thick and I baby them!

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                I also love my Scanpan nonstick. I don't buy sets anymore; I buy the specific pan I want for a particular set of tasks. You can use metal utensils with it, so it should be considerably more difficult to ruin than old-style nonstick.

                Note that they are supposed to be cleaned after each use (and heated prior to adding fat).

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                  I was lucky enough to get a CIRCULON fry-pan for Xmas. I was so pleased that I bought 2 more pieces.
                  You can cook as hot as you like, using metal utensils (carefully) if you wish, and then all you need do to clean the pans is rinse them with a few drops of dish detergent and a dish-mop under the hot tap. Never scour or use the dish-washer. Here's the product link. And no, I have no professional connection with the company! (Michael Sinclair - Montreal)

                  I was lucky enough to get a CIRCULON fry-pan for Xmas. I was so pleased that I bought 2 more pieces.
                  You can cook as hot as you like, using metal utensils (carefully) if you wish, and then all you need do to clean the pans is rinse them with a few drops of dish detergent and a dish-mop under the hot tap. Never scour or use the dish-washer. Here's the product link. And no, I have no professional connection with the company! (Michael Sinclair - Montreal)


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                    "You can cook as hot as you like..."

                    I have a couple of Infinite Circulon frying pans and agree that they are very nice nonstick pans. However, they do use PTFE (Teflon, specifically DuPont Autograph) as the nonstick layer, so I would be careful to avoid overheating.

              2. Did you get pans? I have had 3 scan pans for over 1 year now and I LOVE THEM. I have all the cook-goodies like Le Cruset and All-Clad and they have been languishing since the Scan pan came on the scene. I make scrambled eggs about 4 times a week and my little egg pan is still going. Easy to clean and still perfectly non stick. When I see the posts where someone doesn't like them, I wonder if there are quality differences in the manufacturing. Mine has been a miracle. It browns, it can get hot, and it's non-stick. Booya.

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                  I have yet to see a reason for someone not liking them ...

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                    Mine had hot spots, and food stuck to them. I really, really hated them, but this was about 15 years ago, so maybe they're better now. That said, I think Swiss Diamond would be an excellent alternative.

                2. I've used a couple Scan Pan pieces for over five years w/o complaint -worked well, easy clean up and use. Generally pleased enough w/ them.

                  However, about a year or so ago I bought a couple of Cusinart's Greenware skillets that have all but replaced my Scan Pans in rotation. Greatly impressed w/ their non-stickiness (best I've experienced) and how they've held up so far.

                  So my Scan Pans have been demoted to bench warmer status.

                  1. Congratulate him as teflon is extremely poisonous. Tests indicate parakeets actually die when placed in cages near feflon cooking pans from the gases alone.

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                      That is such BS. Telflon is not toxic or it would be banned. Second, any idiot knows that your not supposed to have any small animals near cooking food. When you use oil or grease that is the fume that the pan is giving off not the coating. Small animals have sensitive systems, and should not even be around the powdered carpet deodorizers or they will get sick and die. The reason your husband or anyone ruins a nonstick pan is because they pan is too hot. Pans now a days have an aluminum or copper core that makes it heat up faster, so no more " flame on". Electric stoves tend to fluctuate to higher temps that what the gauge says. Rules of all coated pans.. No high heat, no aerosol sprays, and no metal utensils.

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                        There are many, many toxic substances that are legal ... I wish all the faith people have in the government could be put to better use.

                    2. Cast Iron, when dropped and hit, can break!! It has happened to me. I use cast iron when I can, but when I visited the Lodge plant back East it is easy to understand, like anything, a weak spot can cause a break. Thankfully this is probably a once or twice in a life time issue.

                      1. Cast iron is almost impossible to destroy?? Even if patina/seasoning is scoured away and it rust... can be salvaged.

                        Have never had a scan pan, so no comments on that. My go-to for non-stick (skillets, especially) is Calphalon. Priced reasonably & holds up well with minimal care. Best thing about C, to me, is there NO questions, NO receipts necessary return/replace policy. Sent 3 frequently used pieces back cuz just not as non-stick as they used to be. Had used wood/plastic/silicon tools... RARE but careful use of metal. Cost a few bucks to send them out, but got BRAND NEW replacements (in about a week) on pieces that were WELL over 10-12 years old.