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Jan 14, 2009 04:52 AM

cheap dinner/breakfast near Pentagon City

hi! what do you recommend near the Crystal City/Pentagon City metro stops? Or should we go further afield? I'd like to combine cheap and good ... thanks!

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  1. I dont know about breakfast but there are a couple dinner options around (depending on what you consider cheap!). Lebanese Taverna is a local chain where you can order mezze for pretty cheap. That is in Penatgon Row. Also there is a pretty good Thai place over in Crystal City but i cant remember the name - its along the row with Jaleo which if you order right can keep costs down and is the best tapas in DC

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    1. re: anunez

      I think you are referring to Thaipoon.

      1. re: Smiles2008

        Its Neramitra. I work right down the street and get lunch from there a lot, I really like it.

    2. There's Kabob Palace on 23rd & Eads, next to 7-11. The takeout part w/ tables is not chic at all, but you get tons of food for $7-$13 (cheap). Tender meats are spiced authentically (good). Jaleo & Taverna miniplates will work if you're a very light eater, and will run you at least $20 w/ tip. They're definitely good, but not the cheapest.

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        There is now a Cosi in Crystal City (on Crystal Drive about at 23rd street across from Jaleo). They have good breakfast, I think. I agree with Jaleo. The Thai place referenced is Neramitra. If you are there on a Sunday morning, go to Braddock Road Metro Station and eat at Firefly. They have a lot of good brunch options and live bluegrass!

      2. I would also recommend Kabob Palace. Delicious and cheap. It's a destination place for me.
        Jaleo is also a good suggestion.
        Didn't someone say something about a good greek place around there, off the main drag?

        Has anyone ever tried any of the smaller places on Pentagon Row, off of the main square? I noticed there's a Vietnamese place and a Chinese place, if I recall, and was wondering if they were any good...

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          Saigon Saigon is very good. Murali is ok. Zen Bistro dumplings are good but that's about it. Thaiphoon is kind of tourist Thai.

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            greek place:
            the greek combination dinner is enough for two. the horiatiki salad is good and fresh, and enough for (at least ) two. i had a special shrimp, feta & ouzo dish with linguine when i was htere last. delicious. mr. alka got braised lamb shanks, and was very happy -- and full.

            imo, i don't know how anyone can call lebanese taverna "cheap". what am i missing?

            1. re: alkapal

              Lebanese Taverna definitely stopped being cheap a while ago.

              Kabob Palace has always been cheap and consistent.

          2. Finding good pleaces in CC and Pentagon City can be difficult because of how touristy it can get sometimes. But good solid food that won't break the bank: Jaleo, Bebo Trattoria, Lebanese Taverna, and Kabob Palace. Can't miss with anyone of those!

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              Please skip Bebo Trattoria- for many reasons. I second Lebanese Taverna, but expect service to be a little slow and plan to spend atleast 15-20.

              1. re: Smiles2008

                Pretty sure Bebo and Jaleo don't do breakfast, not that I'd want to try it anyway. And they're definitely not what I'd call "cheap" anymore.

            2. For a fabulous breakfast, you should go to Bob and Edith's diner on Columbia Pike, about 2 miles from the Pentagon. It's been open since the 50's and is super authentic.

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              1. re: ambergersa

                "about 2 miles from the Pentagon" -- inaccessible.

                1. re: alkapal

                  How so? There's a few convenient buses. I used to live in the one house directly across from B&E and the bus from Metro is super convenient both ways.

                  1. re: Dennis S

                    you're right. buses travel up and down the pike. would a tourist know which one to take from the metro station to get on the pike, easily? pentagon station, buses clearly labeled "columbia pike" -- yes, very do-able. but heck, save that bus ride for dinner and go to thai square.

                    (maybe my comment stemmed from a deeper aversion to bob and edith's ;-).

                      1. re: ambergersa

                        i recall it being smelly, hot, noisy and serving very mediocre food.

                        1. re: alkapal

                          Don't forget the crowds.

                          Really, I don't mind the crummy food, but the noise really drove me away. Every time I'd go to B&E, they'd be blaring some noise band on the juke, or the blasting some music from the prep area. I suppose if you're drunk at 2am it's not an issue, but 11am on a Sunday?

                          1. re: monkeyrotica

                            yes, the crowds! there are much better places to eat, imo. and i detest -- and complain -- when there is loud music in a restaurant. it is a real pet peeve. but if i complained about loud music at b&e's -- theoretically ('cause i ain't gonna try) -- does anyone think the volume level would change? hahaha.

                            hey monkeyrotica, cowboy cafe on lee hwy, near glebe, has a good weekend breakfast menu, and they open at 9 am. i had their shrimp with andouille and grits and the shrimp and sauce was fantastic. grits were not hot, though, but waitress said she'd talk to the kitchen about keeping the grits hot while waiting for the last minute shrimp prep. good coffee, good service, reasonable prices.

                            i've found their shrimp to be very, very fresh.