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Jan 14, 2009 04:06 AM

Great Steaks in Paris

After eating a very good steak at La Rotonde and a so so steak at L'AOC I would highly recommend Boucherie Rouliere for a great classic meal of snails, a beautifully done entrecote, cheese, desert and a much better price than either La Rotonde and L'AOC.. both of which, by the way were fine.... A bit of advice.. Spring for the beef ribs for two at L'AOC and avoid the steaks... They were NOT serving French beef which was strange.. and sad....

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  1. I recently returned from Paris and I ate at rather obscure low-budget bistros near our hotels or close to a museum, nothing mentioned in my michelin. however, I was very happy with my steak at Robert et Louise in the Marais, who cut it to order and cooked it over the coals in their wood-burning fireplace. Served with a simple lettuce salad & oven-roasted potatoes, it made me so happy we went back a week later and did it again. This resto closes between lunch and dinner. It is very popular (I hardly heard any English spoken) and the tables fill up 20 minutes after they open the doors! Then you have to share. Which is fun too, in a different way. We also enjoyed the steaks at O Pere Fouettard on rue Piere Lescot, near the Les Halles metro station--no English speaking guests there either. We had a very late lunch on New Year's Eve at Le Saut du Loup at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, which was out of this world--very fine dining: elegant presentation and excellent food! I love to eat steak in Paris--this was a good trip for this carnivore!

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      I would love to eat at Robert et mention the tables fill up 20 minutes after the place opens. Would you know what time they open for lunch and dinner?
      Many thanks!

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        Robert et Louise are open "mardi au dimanche" for lunch 12 to 2:30, dinner 7 to 11. I love that place--enjoy!

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          I always go to Robert et Louise for steak. The atmosphere and meat is hard to beat. Its easy to make a reservation, just call a couple days ahead. You will still have to wait even with a res. Awesome affordable red wines.

          A second option is the steak for two at Bistro Paul Bert.

          One I have not tried, but I know dry ages there own beef and has a great reputation is Le Severo down in the left bank

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            I wouldn't go back to Paul Bert if it was the last place on earth....not only did I have the worst steak there but you could not imagine how terrible that service is. We sat for TWENTY MINUTES before the waiter even came to our table..why we even stayed is beyond me...however we did and we shouldn't have. I had this green plastic thing in my salad, so I didn't eat the rest of it and when I told our waiter he said there was no way it came from their kitchen, my little waiter friend, I believe was suggesting I put it in there, then he spills our bottle of wine all over the table and barely cleans it up. My steak which I ordered med-rare was so bloody I asked (big mistake) to have it cooked more and it came back a half an hour later!

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                that's the bistrot Paul Bert I know. Apparently, some got luckier than us and see the place as a highlight of bistronomique.

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                  We ate at Paul Bert two years ago, and were disappointed. Our meal was below average, and the service was just barely adequate. I had steak and it wasn't a flavorful or remotely tender piece of meat. I was especially disappointed in dessert: my husband had tarte Tatin with a tough and chewy crust, and I had Paris Brest that also had chewy pastry and the filling was bland, with no discernible flavor.

      2. wondering what the prices were like for steak diner for two?

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          At Robert and Louise, very reasonable, check other posts on the place. On Bistro Paul Bert, more expensive, good wine list but as the other posters said, who cares. Place is a block from my apartment and ate here once, and that was that.