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Jan 14, 2009 04:06 AM

Great Steaks in Paris

After eating a very good steak at La Rotonde and a so so steak at L'AOC I would highly recommend Boucherie Rouliere for a great classic meal of snails, a beautifully done entrecote, cheese, desert and a much better price than either La Rotonde and L'AOC.. both of which, by the way were fine.... A bit of advice.. Spring for the beef ribs for two at L'AOC and avoid the steaks... They were NOT serving French beef which was strange.. and sad....

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  1. When was this that L'AOC did not have Frrench steak? They had both French and Irish steaks when i was there last week although I had the pork.

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      And German, too! That said, in my opinon, only Le Sévero really has decent beef. l'AOC is wonderful but I don't find his beef interesting.

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        I ate at L'OAC right after Christmas.. the 27th.... They had Irish and German entrecote.. When i asked if they had French beef the waiter laughed me off... Bit snooty... The pate fois gras was excellent though as was the house Cote du Rhone for 24 Euros..

        1. re: krakshebab

          Usually, they have Irish, German and Normand beef. As for laughing you off... welcome to France!