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Jan 14, 2009 03:48 AM

Wkend in Old Town Alexandria: Top Picks?

Greetings! My girlfriend and I are leaving the husbands and kids at home this MLK weekend to venture up to Old Town Alexandra (so excited!). We've never been there and will be staying on King Street but willing to drive/Metro as well for meals. Looking forward to enjoying some good meals. Interested in hearing about your favorite breakfast places, coffee shops/cafes, locations for good ethnic foods and, overall, high quality meals. Price is not a huge deterrent, but we're not desiring to spend a lot for each meal, either. Thanks so much!!

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  1. There are tons of places within walking distance if you are staying King St. If by chance you are staying at Hotel Monaco on King, check out Jackson 20. They have some decent cocktails. Dinner is also good, but if you've never been to Old Town I might skip it this time.

    Theres is good live music (Jazz) on Saturdy night at 219 (I think it's called the Basin Street Lounge) on King Street.

    For dinner I would suggest Restaurant Eve as the best (but also the priciest, so might not meet your qualifications). I would also suggest The Majestic for dinner, which is not quite as pricey. Vermillion is also good for dinner and has a nice bar area (good Cosmos and good bar food as well).

    The Chart House is an overpriced tourist seafood restaurant, but the bar area is nice in the evening, with comfortable chairs and good drinks. It is right on the water and offers good views.

    I would also suggest a tour of the Torpedo Factory -- local artists in a huge building on the waterfont. Also check out the Silver Parrot on King Street for some nice jewelry.

    There are tons of places for decent lunches: O'Connells, Hanks Oyster Bar (highly recommend), Union Street Public House.

    There are several bistro type places that are open for breakfast: La Madeline, Bread and Chocolate. I have never eaten breakfast here but have gotten pastries from both and they were good.

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      I second the Vermillion suggestion. Terrific food for a sit down dinner and/or a great bar atmosphere (often with live music). My husband took me for my bday in December and we spent a good bit of time in the bar after dinner. Coming from a female's perspective, I loved the decor. If I were a local I'd be a regular.

    2. Welcome! Old Town Alexandria is a wonderful place for a weekend visit! One note of caution: there are TONS of restaurants within walking distance, but IMHO, many of them are overpriced and exist primarily for tourists. Here's a very brief summary of good eats in Old Town:

      High End
      Restaurant Eve - award winning restaurant, excellent food, but expensive
      Farrah Olivia - innovative menu, slightly less expensive that RE

      Majestic Cafe (owned by same folks as RE; great for brunch)
      Momo Sushi (Japanese)
      100 King (okay tapas)
      Pita House
      Hank's Oyster Bar (seafood)
      A La Lucia (neighborhood Italian)
      Fontaine Caffe & Creperie (yummy crepes)
      Vermilion (another great brunch place)
      Le Pain Quotidien (great bread!)
      Vaso's (homestyle Greek food)
      Quattro Formaggio (decent pizza, close to the King St metro stop)

      Specific foods
      Cupcakes: Lavender Moon Cupcakery - their passionfruit cupcake rocks. Choco w/peanut butter frosting is also pretty good - they are right across from Fontaine Creperie. In a pinch, I also sometimes get Bittersweet's carrot cupcake.
      Speakeasy: PX Lounge - this is a must, esp. for a girl's night out; the mixologist there is incredible! Written up in many, many foodie magazines
      Fish and Chips: Eamonn's - cheap eats, owned by same folks as RE
      Beer: Rustico - over 300 different types of beer to choose from; they also have a beer tasting menu


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        One brief amendment: 100 King has been shuttered for a while. It briefly came back as a bizarrely bad steakhouse. The property was auctioned off a couple of weeks ago.

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          Thanks for the amendment! Haven't been there in 8 months or so....

      2. You don't have to break the bank at Eve if you eat at the bar. You just need to get there early.

        If you fancy a properly prepared cocktail, PX is the place to go. Well worth the wait, and if you can't get in, you could do a lot worse than settle for fish and chips and a Guinness downstairs at Eammon's Dublin Chipper.

        The beer selection at Rustico is probably the best in the area; their food, however, leaves much to be desired. Best bets are the burgers, properly twice-fried frenchfries, and pizzas. My experience has been that the entrees are more miss than hit.

        Momo Sushi is also excellent. Tiny, but pretty much what you'd find in down any Tokyo alley, and the staff are great people.

        On the bargain end, Hard Times Cafe makes a mean footlong chili dog.

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          I second Eamonn's and look forward to seeing it on the DC ep of Anthony Bourdain on MLK day.

          I thought Momo was just OK, but I'm pretty much a California snob when it comes to sushi.

        2. I second Hank's Oyster Bar on King Street. One of my favorites. Fresh oysters (many from Virginia) are great with a glass of Muscadet. They also make an excellent cobb salad with grilled shrimp and calamari. The lobster roll is fabulous but at $23 a bit of spurge.

          I love Bistrot Lafayette on the upper end of King Street. Their mussels and fries are the best. They have started a steak special on Mondays, I believe.

          My new favorite is Caffe La Fontaine on South Royal just as you turn off of King Street. Their savory crepes are good but I often get the sandwich of the day or the duck pate and have the lemon drop crepe (sweet crepe filled with lemon cream) for dessert.

          For a quick lunch or dinner, there is a relatively new falafel place on King Street, just at the intersection with Washington Street. SandVeg I think it's called. They make all the sandwiches fresh and have a nice vegetable bar as accompaniments.

          1. For breakfasts, there's Table Talk (which has been around forever) and the Royal (which has been around even longer).

            Royal Restaurant & Caterers
            734 N Saint Asaph St, Alexandria, VA 22314

            Table Talk Restaurant
            1623 Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22314

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              For my money, the most enjoyable experience in Old Town is Nana's Sunday Dinner at Majestic Cafe (same people as Eve, Eammon's, and PX). It is only $78 for 4 people and it is served family style. Try it out! You may want to get reservations quickly, though, because of the influx of visitors this weekend.
              This is the menu for January so if you like what you see, it is great!
              ‘New Year’s Roast’
              Red Wine Pot Roast
              Radicchio Salad with Pears, Balsamic, Pecans & Cheese, Roasted Root Vegetables, Creamy Polenta, Red Wine Sauce
              Dessert: Coconut Cream Pie