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Jan 13, 2009 09:24 PM

Palm Springs: ISO place to watch the football games and other cheap good eats

And maybe a decent place for dinner too. Something with entrees in the low 20s. Cheap eats always rule, especially for lunch(burger, taco trucks etc) Thanks!

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  1. The Beer Hunter is the desert favorite Sports Bar.

    For Cheap Eats, our golf group likes The Fisherman Market and Grill

    1. The Beer Hunter is in La Quinta, not Palm Springs, only 30 min drive but if you are looking for football in Palm Springs the options are not great. Peabody's has a great new TV with high def that I enjoy and the Village Pub also has TV and is open for lunch. I do like Fishermans and Shanghi Red's (the bar in the back) but don't know what time they open on Sunday.