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Jan 13, 2009 08:08 PM

Best Pasta Carbonara in Rome

I'm heading back to Rome in May. Last time I was in Rome, I fell in love with Pasta Carbonara. This time, I was to share the love with my wife. Where is a great place to get a consistent and wonderful pasta carbonara ? We are staying at the Westin Excelsior if that helps.


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  1. You could certainly try La Carbonara in Campo d'Fiori.

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      we had excellent carbonara and/or alla gricia at Armando al Pantheon , Osteria Nerone and Sora Margherita among other on our last visit to Rome but there are lots of good versions.

      this thread from last year offers some suggestions on this topic

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        In my opinion the best carbonara in Roma is AL GRAPPOLO D'ORO. The area is not the best, really, as it is not far from the main railway station, close enough, anyway to Porta Pia. I am going to Rome next monday and obviously I will not miss their carbonara.
        Look at its website:

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          I agree. Armando is king of carbonara--but if they have their special pasta with fresh asparagus and wild strawberries.....OH MY! And make sure you order the homemade torta for dessert

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          went twice my last visit, the antipasti table is a great start and the carbonara is excellent.
          go early to walk thru the market first. great spices to pack for home.

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            What about Armando in San Lorenzo?

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              please, tell us more about the Armando's in San Lorenzo.

          2. My choice would be "Perilli" in Testaccio.

            1. Here are two fantastic choices: Armando del Pantheon. Make sure you have a reservation, and/or Da Gino, wonderful trotteria but NO reservations. Thinking about it, here's one more that no one knows about (except the locals): Fraschatti in Trastevere. Enjoy

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                We have been to Da Gino several times for dinner over the last two years. Reservations are absolutely necessary. The doors opens at 8 and the place is filled within five minutes. The first time we went we were under the impression that there were no reservations; not so. So, we made a reservation for the next evening. Generally, reservation times are at 8 and 9:30. These are two very different places. The last time we were in Armando, about one quarter or one third of the people there were Italian; that was in November. The food is very good at either.

              2. OK you want authentic carbonara- go and make a reservation at Armando del Pantheon. It's local, even though it near a tourist attraction...and amazing....also try the ravioli con tartufo (truffles). Say hi to Mario for us when you're there.

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                  Im going to have to overrule the carbonara at la carbonara (have been dragged there by clients occasionally over the past 6 years and its not good). sorry! i had dinner at augustarello in testaccio tonight and the carbonara my friends got was so good i ate half of theirs even after having my own mezze maniche alla pajata!

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                    Carbonara Update: Best carbonara in Roma being served at Il Danilo- Reserve WELL in advance....thank me later!! AMAZING! (I just got back yesterday)

                    1. re: sockster

                      Can you provide a location for Il Danilo? Found nothing on it in Google search.

                2. Last year, Gambero Rosso named Roscioli's as the best carbonara in Rome. As no one has mentioned it on this thread, do you agree, disagree or just haven't tried it?

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                    I do agree with Roscioli basically, but when I go there I usually eat other stuff, different things, that I can't get anywhere else or make myself at home. I love Roscioli, it my go to place. So whenever I do take someone there, I do tell they have the best carbonara but try to convince them to eat something else. Do you understand my dilemma?

                    1. re: AstridR69

                      So, can you be more specific: what is it you order at Roscioli that you can't get anywhere else?

                      1. re: CJT

                        well, they do change the menu almost daily, according to the market, so I go with that, but just to give you an idea of some (past) possibilities:

                        antipasti: caponata (I know it is not a rare thing, but not as they make it here, with a lot of dried fruits), octopus salad (again, not rare, but when they do have it, it is lovely), burrata with semi dried tomatoes+taggiasca olives+the best alici.

                        pasta: anything they have off the menu and involves fish and/or seafood, like scallops/bottarga/pistachio I still remember after over a year, soups in the season.

                        seconds: tuna fillet, hamburger (not what you think!), any meat

                        Also, all cold cuts and cheeses.... the very best quality all of them.

                    2. re: ms. chow

                      What is the address of Roscioli? I find a few of them through Google.

                      1. re: Random987

                        They're across the street from each other. The pizza by the slice is on Via dei Chiavari; the gourmet shop and restaurant are on Via dei Giubbonari.

                        1. re: zerlina

                          Wow, my mouth is watering just reading the messages on this post. However, could someone tell me if any of these places will be open Aug 16-19 when I will be in town? I'm referring to:

                          Armando al Pantheon
                          Da Gino


                          1. re: hong_kong_foodie

                            As I'm sure you know by now most places in Rome are closed most of August. This said I can tell you for sure that Armando is putting in a new kitchen and PROBABLY will be closed the entire month. The owners are friends of mine and they are dreading August as their holidays are ruined...but they'll be loving it when September rolls around and they are cooking in their new kitchen.

                            1. re: sockster

                              Yea, that I'm painfully aware of by now. Do you know any good restaurants that are open Aug 16-19 in Rome?

                              1. re: hong_kong_foodie

                                ok, here are two very LOCAL places...very small, very difficult to get into that may be far ahead for a reservation. Both are famous for Carbonara, but if you get in to either one, you HAVE to try the cacio e pepe, the famous Roman pasta. Both of these restaurants make outstanding versions, and are a bit different from each others. Also, the first restaurant, FELICE in Testaccio, has an unreal octopus primi....don't miss it if you get in. An ideal meal there would be the octopus, the cacio e pepe, (then I had oxtail the first two courses were so good....but it was way too much food), followed by a totally original Tirami Su. Next here is a review for my second choice, Da's tiny but everything there is fantastic as well. GOOD LUCK:

                                1. re: sockster

                                  THANK YOU! I am ready to make the reservations -- do they speak English or do I have to find someone who speaks Italian?

                                  1. re: hong_kong_foodie

                                    Use your hotel concierge to make the reservations. They speak the language and know the system . . . enjoy! and tell us all about it.

                                    1. re: hong_kong_foodie

                                      You can call them...they speak fluent;ll LOVE IT!