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Jan 13, 2009 07:39 PM

Recent experiences at Cuvee?

I'm considering Cuvee for a corporate dinner for six. I like it very much, but it's been more than a year since I've been there. I'd love to year from anyone who's dined there in the last few months. Thoughts?

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  1. we had the chef's tasting menu a few months ago, and felt it was very good. the service was outstandingly professional, the atmosphere intimate & inviting, and the food quite good, from the amuse bouche on...

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    1. re: kibbles

      Haven't been since the summer. Food and service were good.

    2. A group of us went in mid-December for the Reveillion menu. The food was yummy with the highlight being the sweet potato pie bisque. Heavenly! Service was great, but there were only 2 other tables in the restaurant.

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        Business in Nola is hurting. The other night Emeril's had only 27 on their books while Cuvee had 30. Of course they both got walk In's. I ate at Cuvee twice in Dec, but the chef de cuisine is my son, so I am a tad partial. Glad you liked his cooking. We are going back in April for 10 days. Meanwhile i am dieting! Well, some of the time.

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          I heard the cheff at Stella tell Cokie Roberts how bad business was in January 2009. They only had one room operating when we were there 2/3/09. Cuvee was tasty -- roasted beet and scallop appetizer was very good (beets were great, scallop was too salty, seems to be a common NOLA problem), duck debris ravioli (the duck debris was great, but the chevre was overwhelming, maybe mascarpone would have been better, which is what August uses in their mezza luna), dessert was ok, Argiolas wine was excellent, service was great, warm, and friendly (contrary to Stella and August). Would definitely go back, but so many others to try on the next trip.