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Jan 13, 2009 07:26 PM

If "No Reservations" came to Toronto, where would Anthony Bourdain go?

I've been on a big "No Reservations" kick, watching all the dvd's of the series. It got me thinking, If Anthony Bourdain came to Toronto, where would he go? Curious to see how other chows imagine this episode.

I'm thinking a stop at SLM for sure. Maybe the eggplant sandwich? or pemeal? or fish sandwich? Chinatown and kensington no doubt. Pho maybe? Dim sum? Throw in a fine dining establishment, how about canoe, and maybe a street dog to end it all off. He'd probably eat in the restaurant at the top of the CN tower too, but definately more for the view.

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  1. Toronto would rightfully be skipped all together, we've just gotten out of our lemon grass risotto faze and have a lot of catching up to do. Thank god places like the Black Hoof have opened. Street food, what street food?

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    1. re: chef_vagabond

      Well, true about the street food. Hopefully that will change in the future.
      I just think he'd eat a dog because there are stands on every corner. Anthony Bourdain doesn't enjoy all the food in his episodes, sometimes he eats at places simply for tradition. If the food means something to the city or has significance he'll try it. The whole point of the show is to showcase what a city has to offer in terms of food, good or bad, isn't it?

      1. re: pancake

        Sorry, pancake, I get Bourdain and the GTA's culinary richness, it's just no Les Halles, St. John's or Bangkok. Ya, Anthony Bourdain in Portugal for a pig slaughter one day, the next he's in Kensington Market buying organic produce, sorry, it's just not the same.

      2. re: chef_vagabond

        Read Bourdain's "Cook's Tour"? I think he'd love Toronto. Why? Ease of access to an incredible range of food nestled in the GTA.Not sure you "get" Bourdain or the GTA's culinary richness, chef vagabond.

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          1. Yeah seriously, good to see that everyone loves this city...

            i'd choose between...
            Eigensinn farm (or maybe that doesn't count)
            johnny's hamburgers
            Black Hoof
            Canoe (for the obligatory scenic shots and city dialogue)
            nota bene (for emphasis on local ingredients)
            aunties and uncles/sunset grill/random brunch spot
            tattoo bar/pravda/biermarkt/ for bar hopping

            1. re: Suresh

              Johnny's Hamburgers? Only if you wanted Bourdain to never visit Toronto again. Although I don't the food is that great, a visit to the International Food Court at the downsview farmer's market and weekend bazaar would be something that he might find interesting. Also, the asian night market in Markham would be right up his alley.

              1. re: Suresh

                I think Eigensinn Farm should definitely count as Toronto, if they went to Whistler and Vancouver Island for the Vancouver episode.. somehow I think Rain would be included in a Toronto episode.. Guy Rubino does some very innovative fusion dishes that I've not seen in other cities.. But then.. I echo the sentiments that Toronto should be skipped altogether and we should remain jealous of our Vancouver cousins who already have an episode. I want more episodes of No Reservations Singapore! LOL

                1. re: vincechan

                  Just had a thought... knowing Tony's passion for artery clogging deathwishes... maybe he would like to pay a visit to Dangerous Dan's Diner to get the Quad C's (Coronary Colon Clogger Combo) or The Coronary Burger Special. I'd like to be there when he does! LOL

                  1. re: vincechan

                    to be honest, he would probably take one bite and spit it out...

                    1. re: duckdown

                      most generic place ever. how is this unique to toronto?

                        1. re: duckdown

                          he was referring to Suresh's post above.

                  1. re: Suresh

                    Tattoo? he'd hate that place!. its too flashy. i think the bovine is a little more his speed

                    1. re: Suresh

                      Johnny Burger, I miss working in the Vic Park area for that reason ONLY!!

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                    1. He did come visit Toronto a while back. Went to SLM for peameal bacon sandwich and Starfish for oysters.

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                      1. re: Charles Yu

                        Too bad Bourdain's local handlers' outlook was so damn narrow! Would have been fun to see him eat his way through Markham.

                        1. re: Charles Yu

                          And he came to Kensington Market for empanadas. It was all covered in the papers while he was promoting "The Nasty Bits"...(I think...)

                          Anyway, I bet he'd dig little India during a festive summer evening.

                          But let's not forget the possibility that if he did a show here, he might turn all of us on to some new stuff. It's a big-ass city!