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Jan 13, 2009 06:35 PM

Planning a birthday outing- upscale lounge/bar

Hi all, I am trying to hammer out the final details for an all-day birthday celebration later this week. Late night supper is set: dell'Anima (anyone who has any pointers for me regarding what to order, please respond). We need a cool spot to go for mid/late afternoon drinks, preferably on the west side, and I am close to convinced that we should choose one of the bars at the Mandarin Oriental. However, I heard that one or both of the bars at the hotel may be closed to non-guests. Can anyone tell me if this is true, and if so, which one (Lobby Lounge or MO Bar)?
Also, I understand that the view is phenomenal- but the cocktails should also be special. Please advise!
Thank you in advance

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  1. That's strange. I had drinks in the Lobby Lounge a while back, and it was certainly not closed off to non-guests. However, if things have changed since then, MoBar would still be open to the public. The views are better in the Lobby Lounge, however.
    Drinks are great and the Mandarin is definitely a "special occasion" place...Not somewhere you'd frequent every weekend. I'd go for it.

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      My husband was told that only guests could have drinks in the bar with the great views, which I'm guessing is the Lobby Lounge? He wasn't really impressed with other bar.

    2. Last time I was there it was busy and there was a waitlist for seating. Hotel guest got priority on the waitlist, but it was definitely open to the public. For a similar experience you could check out the Stone Rose also in Time Warner. It is an upscale lounge with the same view floors down and I think they might take reservations.

      1. If a view is required then this suggestion won't help but if you are just looking for a great "vibe" and great drinks I'd say go to the Oak Bar at the Plaza.

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          That's what immediately came to my mind too! :D

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            They did a great restoration but managed to keeps it's soul intact. So great to have the grande dame back.

        2. Thank you so much to everyone who replied. The Lobby Lounge was a great experience. Upon arriving, we were told that there would be a short wait for tables in the lounge, even though there were a decent number of empty ones. We spent about 30 minutes in the other bar (where we enjoyed our first drink) while we waited. The bar has a long list of house cocktails, all costing $19. I had a "Blood and Sand" followed by a classic Manhattan. The complimentary salty/sweet snacks were the perfect accompaniment and the mood was appropriately hip and elegant. Our server in the bar area made a little bit of small talk with us, and I made sure to slip in the fact that we were celebrating birthdays. They eventually gave us a very nice table in the lounge right in front of the window. Then they brought out a gorgeous (and delicious) tray of giant strawberries dipped in various sweet coatings- dark chocolate, white chocolate with candies, etc. On the house!
          The room is beautiful, the view is spectacular, and the drinks are strong. Very nice, indeed. Thanks again.

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            Great to hear and so glad you all enjoyed it! The Lobby Lounge is one of my favorite "special occasion" spots.